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NYC Video Pros Shares 5 Tips for Planning Your Video Production This Fall


NYC Video Pros Shares 5 Tips for Planning Your Video Production This Fall

In an effort to help companies across the globe become the best they can be when it comes to video marketing, an industry leader in strategic video production is sharing invaluable tips.

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NEW YORK, Aug. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Representatives with New York-based NYC Video Pros announced today that it is sharing five tips for planning video production.

"We're very excited to share these five tips," a company spokesman for NYC Video Pros said. "As public relations and marketing professionals look to coordinate their campaigns this fall, and into 2019 there are a number of tips to consider when it comes to corporate video production. Whether you're developing a promotional video, a brand film, a content marketing campaign or identifying a strategy to integrate video into your upcoming campaigns these tips can help your video production efforts be successful."

Further, NYC Video Pros, recently released a complete guide book to help organizations leverage video content called the Video101 Playbook. The comprehensive ebook advises about the corporate video production and brand film production process and provides a litany of tips whether producing marketing videos, brand films, training videos, or promotional videos.

"One of the keys to success for your video production project is to identify the details," The spokesperson sharing Tip No. 1 said, before adding, "Whether you're producing the video content in-house or working with a video production company think about the specifics - including messaging, locations, talent, shots, key graphics and overall voice and style for the video production at hand."

Tip No. 2 is to determine the best format for your video. Producing a promotional video, a marketing overview video, or brand film, the spokesperson pointed out, can take any number of directions.

"It's important to think about the approach up front to provide direction to your video producer," the spokesperson said. "Whether it's insights from the C-suite, a customer's success story or a slick polished video that showcases your products - determining the format is an important part of the equation."

Tip No. 3 is to find the right locations. In order to tell your story, it's important to think about the locations to shoot your video production project.

"If you're producing a corporate video, perhaps that's the organization's offices where the brand can be brought to life, or if you're producing a video commercial perhaps it's supporting locations such as a home environment or a specialized exterior location such as a park or beach setting," the spokesperson said. "The bottom line is finding the right location and setting for your video will help frame your story."

Tip No. 4 is to consider the change of seasons.

"If you're going to be shooting your video production in NYC outdoors - or anywhere around the country for that matter - as the seasons change it's important to think about the leaves changing colors and the impact on lighting," the spokesperson noted. "For example, shooting in November will mean shorter hours for your video production than say July, and it will have a slightly different look and feel since the foliage is likely to have changed. If capturing exterior shots with trees in bloom is important to set the scene then plan your video production accordingly."

Tip No. 5 is to think style. If you're capturing executives, showcasing products, or telling a story in your promotional video style, the spokesperson said, is an important aspect of the video production that your team or the video production company should work with you to address.

"Specifically, if you're working with a team of professionals you'll want to give them guidance as to how to dress to ensure that they come across in the manner anticipated for the video production," the spokesman said. "Similarly, if you're using actors for a promotional video or brand film during pre-production you're going to want to address wardrobe and source the right looks for each role."

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