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dB Diagnostics' Enhanced Hearing Test Catches Previously Undetected Hearing Loss in Nearly Half of Patients in Florida Study


dB Diagnostics' Enhanced Hearing Test Catches Previously Undetected Hearing Loss in Nearly Half of Patients in Florida Study

Easy-to-Administer Test Intended to Make Hearing Testing a More Common Part of General Care, Provides Playback Simulation to Demonstrate Extent of Loss

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TRUMBULL, Conn., Aug. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- dB Diagnostic Systems, Inc., a medical device company with a transformative hardware and software platform aimed at unleashing hearing testing and diagnosis onto the front lines of care, today shared the results of a patient survey administered at Bowden Eye & Associates in Jacksonville, Florida, demonstrating the effectiveness and ease of use of the Hearing Healthcare Pro™ Product Suite (HHC-Pro).

HHC-Pro is dB Diagnostics' breakthrough product for testing and diagnosing hearing loss in adults.

Among those who submitted to testing with HHC-Pro, new and previously undetected hearing loss was detected in nearly half of the patients. Through the product's playback simulation, those who were diagnosed with hearing loss were able to listen to what they should have heard during the test, further confirming the results and increasing the likelihood that follow-up care would be pursued.

"Research shows that when hearing loss goes undetected, serious and significant medical problems can follow," said Steven B. Levine, MD, Founder, CEO & President of dB Diagnostic Systems and a faculty member at the Yale School of Medicine. "It has been our goal from the very beginning to offer patients a better experience with hearing testing with HHC-Pro and help them understand what it feels like to have hearing loss in the hopes of encouraging those who need it to begin treatment."

Among some of the other key findings from the post-testing patient satisfaction survey:

  •     81 percent agreed that the test was easy to perform
  •     98 percent believed it is important for medical practices to administer this test on a regular basis
  •     100 percent indicated that they would recommend the test to others

HHC-Pro was developed to address a growing and unmet need to improve the accuracy and availability of hearing testing. Undiagnosed hearing loss has been linked to dementia, social isolation and depression, among other health impacts. HHC-Pro was developed by Levine, an otolaryngologist, whose mission is to revolutionize early hearing loss identification processes by engaging non-hearing healthcare providers, in primary, urgent care and other specialty care settings, from independent medical groups to academic medical centers and health systems, ultimately to improve hearing-related quality of life across all populations.
Bowden Eye & Associates was introduced to the team at dB Diagnostics and the HHC-Pro through a mutual relationship with American Hearing Aid Associates (AHAA).

"HHC-Pro is a must-have and a step in the right direction for our clinic," said Roberto Cabrera, Hearing Specialist & Technician, Bowden Eye & Associates. "It allows us to have a preview of our patients and their audiometric needs in a fraction of the time it previously took. dB Diagnostics provides great product and technical support too. We wish to thank the entire dB Diagnostics team for creating the HHC-Pro."

With HHC-Pro, dB Diagnostics is continuing to work with both specialists as well as general healthcare providers to ensure that regular hearing testing becomes an established component of routine medical care.

"AHAA believes that the HHC Pro is a transformative technology that will improve access to high-quality hearing testing and diagnosis, and ultimately lead to increased referral flow for earlier treatment and intervention," said Andrew Daly, Associate Manager–Northeast Region at AHAA.

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