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Advanced Laser Measurer Launches on Kickstarter, Allowing For Easy and Precise Measurements


Advanced Laser Measurer Launches on Kickstarter, Allowing For Easy and Precise Measurements

Say goodbye to tape measures with PARA, a versatile and accurate laser measuring device.

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NEWPORT BEACH, Calif., Aug. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- PARA, a new Pythagorean laser measurer that utilizes two lasers and an angle encoder, enables users to remain stationary while taking measurements. Tape measures often pose a hassle, and most laser measurers can only measure the distance between the device and the end point of the laser. PARA transcends these limitations.

With laser mode, PARA can measure the distance between two laser points and can be attached to a tripod for increased precision and convenience. PARA easily measures tall buildings and surfaces that are out of reach. Measuring curved surfaces is no longer a challenge with the wheel mode.

"My father was an architect, so growing up, I was involved in many DIY projects. I recognized the need for a better measuring device that would reduce time spent measuring, so more time could be spent creating. PARA allows for this efficiency," says Founder and CEO, Jae Rin Han.

Perfect for DIY enthusiasts, interior designers, and sound engineers, PARA can be used in a simple three-step process: hold it in an angled position, point the two lasers and press the trigger button to see the measurements on the device's screen. All data can be directly sent to and recorded on the linked smartphone application.

PARA's primary features include:

  • Laser mode: Point the two lasers to measure the distance between them
  • Wheel mode: Roll PARA on the surface to be measured
  • Expandability: Versatile usage with accompanying tripod mount
  • Smartphone application: Measurements recorded by connecting to the mobile app via Bluetooth
  • Sturdiness: Ergonomic, handy design that can be be easily carried and stored
  • Accuracy: Calibration process allows for increased precision

PARA can now be pre-ordered on Kickstarter ( for $159 USD as the Early Bird price and $179 USD as the Single Pack price. When the campaign funding goal is achieved, the company anticipates manufacturing and delivery to be complete in January 2019.

About ACXION, Inc.
ACXION is a California-based startup that aims to provide solutions to facilitate space design. It is comprised of a team of six entrepreneurs that specializes in interior design and develops all technology in-house. The products are designed and developed in Newport Beach, California and are manufactured in Seoul, South Korea.



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