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BEATRĪX - The Future Will be Co-created!


BEATRĪX - The Future Will be Co-created!

BEATRĪX is a green, affordable and sustainable energy project aiming to resolve the energy and telecommunication crisis and shortage across Africa.

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FRANKFURT, Germany, August 1, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Beatrīx is here to change the future! At the heart of this endeavor, is a new and revolutionary way of electricity generation, that has the potential to bring structural change to the most significant barriers for growth in sub-saharan Africa.

With the help of green and sustainable power from buoyancy technology and their Decentralised Electricity and Telecommunications Distribution (DETD) eco-system, it aims to boost electrification rates and mobile network coverage to a level, that would have taken decades, in years.

Beatrīx managed to implement this buoyancy technology into their Energy Towers, in a way that exceeds the efficiency of solar and wind powers by far and makes this energy source way cheaper than anything on the sub-saharan market. Their DETD's rely on a system of Energy Towers, a bio-gas plant and telecommunication-poles to supply electricity and mobile network via micro-grids rather than outdated centralized distribution models.

Another highlight of Beatrīx's end-to-end solution is their blockchained service and trading platform RPM (Rīx Power Meter) with their utility token "Rīx", as the only form of payment for electricity and telecommunications services in a pre-paid top-up system. Consumers, investors and traders of the Rīx, will meet on this platform to buy electricity or to simply trade the token.

The key feature of every Rīx, is an initial charge of 5 kWh, which reinforces high expectations regarding a positive price development. By planning another co-operation with a locally active relief-organisation, to drill five water wells for each MW-Plant, Beatrix undermines its slogan to be "the first social ICO". We will change the future, be a part of it !



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