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Stratis Launches Breeze Wallet With Breeze Privacy Protocol Delivering Private Bitcoin Transactions


Stratis Launches Breeze Wallet With Breeze Privacy Protocol Delivering Private Bitcoin Transactions

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LONDON, August 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ --

Milestone launch delivers the industry's only fully functional wallet and truly decentralised privacy solution for Bitcoin

Move provides a high degree of privacy and security for organisations seeking the benefits of blockchain payments

Blockchain offers significant advantages for organisations seeking to improve efficiency and reduce the costs of making and receiving payments in a wide variety of situations. However, ensuring those transactions remain private when using public networks, such as Bitcoin and the Stratis blockchain, hasn't been possible without relying on a centralised service, until now.

The Stratis Breeze Wallet with Breeze Privacy Protocol makes it possible to 'obfuscate' transactions made on the Bitcoin blockchain. This is helpful for organisations wishing to conduct on-chain business without it being public for the world to see. For example, an organisation may make regular payments to a supplier or receive regular payments from a customer, both of which it may deem commercially sensitive.

With the Breeze Privacy Protocol, organisations can now easily discover and connect to a Stratis Masternode to process a given transaction. The process is user-friendly, trustless and completely decentralised. The service works across the Bitcoin network, and the Stratis Breeze Wallet additionally allows normal transactions in both Stratis and Bitcoin.

Chris Trew, CEO of Stratis Platform, commented: "The original vision of Bitcoin is a secure, peer-to-peer, digital currency that allows people to transact directly, without third parties. It's achieved this vision, but what early supporters didn't always realise is how public those transactions are."

Breeze Wallet perfectly compliments Bitcoin by allowing all of Bitcoin's secure functionality, while adding innovative features to Bitcoin transactions thus yet undelivered. Stratis basing their platform in the popular language of C# on the widely-used .Net framework also breaks down substantial language barriers Bitcoin's lesser-known C++ has presented to developers since blockchain's inception. Stratis makes blockchain easy.

Chris Trew continued: "The Breeze Wallet with Breeze Privacy Protocol remains true to Bitcoin's early spirit and has been specifically designed with B2B payments in mind. It's important to consider this release only brings Bitcoin up to a level of decentralized privacy organisations already enjoy today from centralized private banking arrangements."

The Breeze Privacy Protocol utilises the TumbleBit payment protocol developed by a team at Boston University.

This release follows a number of important Q2 2018 enhancements to the Stratis Platform, including Smart Contracts in C#, Sidechains, Stratis Identity App and release of the Stratis Full Node.

NOTE: Despite extended testing, the Breeze Wallet release is Beta, and, as with any Beta software, there is an element of risk users need to bear in mind.

For more information on Stratis and the Breeze Wallet please visit:

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