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Share: Launches New Unlimited Plan to Call Home, Romania Unlimited launches ROMANIA UNLIMITED, a new unlimited plan to help Romanians keep in touch with their loved ones, for only $4.99/ month.

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ATLANTA, August 1, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Romanians are spread all over the world, but they still carry their native country close to their hearts. How can they truly keep in touch with their family and friends back home? launches a brand new unlimited plan to call home and help Romanians keep in touch with their loved ones. ROMANIA UNLIMITED is here to stay, for only $4.99/ month!

Customers will not have to worry anymore. By choosing Romania Unlimited, they won't have to think about running out of minutes. In addition to that:

-They will pay less and talk more with their family and friends in Romania.
-They can enjoy unlimited minutes to call landlines and mobiles as well.
-The service includes automatic monthly billing, so no worries about forgetting to pay the bill.

For those that did not choose a monthly plan before, this offer might just change their options from now on. And if one already has a monthly plan, it will automatically be replaced by the Romania Unlimited plan at $4.99/ month. Changes will apply on the next billing cycle.

With Romania Unlimited, Romanians all over the world can enjoy talking to their loved ones, whenever they feel homesick.

Besides international calling via an app or an access number, facilitates mobile credit top ups for families members or friends in Romania. The online transaction is 100% secure and effortless. The website is "Verified & Secured" for being safe. The mobile credit gets to the persons in Romania immediately.

On one can get a Romanian phone number to use abroad. Having a Virtual Number in the USA for example, allows family or friends in Romania to call this number as if they were streets away.

About is a platform for the Romanian diaspora worldwide, and a brand of KeepCalling, a global telecommunications company registered in 2002 in USA, who launched International Homesickness Day for the first time in history in 2016. Presently, KeepCalling provides its services to hundreds of thousands of consumers, with a focus on customer satisfaction. KeepCalling was listed by Inc 5000 as one of the fastest growing companies in the USA for 5 consecutive years.



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