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It's Earth Overshoot Day; humanity has already consumed a year's worth of natural resources


It's Earth Overshoot Day; humanity has already consumed a year's worth of natural resources

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  • Digital transformation can help businesses move back Earth Overshoot Day by 21 days

TORONTO, August 1, 2018 /CNW/ - This week, August 1, 2018 is a sobering date for human beings. Dubbed Earth Overshoot Day, it marks the date in the year by when humanity will have consumed more from the planet, including food, timber, and absorption capacity for carbon dioxide from fossil fuel burning, than the planet's ecosystems can renew in the entire year.

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Businesses have an opportunity to take a leadership role to push back Earth Overshoot Day by adopting digitally transformative technologies that help make better use of resources. In fact, researchers from Global Footprint Network and Schneider Electric estimated that if all existing building, industry and datacentre infrastructure adopted current off-the-shelf, commercial technologies for buildings, industrial processes and electricity production, Earth Overshoot Day could move back at least 21 days, without any loss in productivity or comfort.

"Operating in this reality requires creativity and innovation, and companies must rise to the challenge by looking at how to manage natural resources differently, how to measure them more accurately, and how to develop products and processes that use them more efficiently," said Susan Uthayakumar, President, Schneider Electric Canada. "Our priority is developing solutions for our customers and partners that reflect the growing need of living within the means of our one planet."

There is a fixed amount of resources, making the importance of developing sustainable ways for businesses to operate increasingly urgent. This new type of business thinking will ensure sustained growth that balances productivity and profitability with the planet and its people.

  • Power-consuming sectors have options for better energy management

Schneider Electric's core focus is centralized on solving the challenges that many businesses face as they look to run their businesses more efficiently. This is realized through, EcoStruxure, the company's ecoDesigned, IoT-enabled, plug and play, open, and interoperable architecture and platform, aimed at all power-consuming sectors, including Homes, Buildings, Data Centers, Infrastructure and Industries. The technology can deliver up to 50% energy efficiency while reducing energy costs by 30%.

EcoStruxure works on three key levels:

  • Connected Products: In buildings, connected sensors and meters improve the efficiency of networked lighting, heating and air conditioning, enable increased security and optimize the use of space in the building;
  • Edge Control: This layer gives users the capability to manage the data from IoT connected products on-site, with day-to-day optimization of energy consumption through remote access and advanced automation;
  • Apps, Analytics & Services: Visualized reporting of energy consumption through interactive dashboards, detection and diagnosis of faults, performance analysis, and asset monitoring enable the detection of additional energy-saving opportunities and to transition from curative to predictive maintenance.

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