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JEEPAC to Hold Endorsement Hearings in Georgia Governor's Race


JEEPAC to Hold Endorsement Hearings in Georgia Governor's Race

The Atlanta-based group representing thousands of black professionals and small business owners has invited both parties' nominees to share how they will best serve the needs of black job creators

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ATLANTA, Aug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Justice Equality & Economics, better known as JEEPAC, announced today its intent to interview both major party candidates in the upcoming Georgia gubernatorial election. Both Democratic nominee Stacey Abrams and Republican nominee Brian Kemp will be invited to appear before JEEPAC leadership and members to explain how their policies will impact black professionals, business owners and job creators. In particular, JEEPAC is interested in creating a fair playing field for minority-owned businesses free from institutional discrimination. 

"To our surprise we have received numerous requests from our members and those who follow our activities to hear from both candidates and assess their respective visions for creating a vibrant, free-market economy free from discrimination. Although we are a non-partisan organization, we were nonetheless very surprised that we received thousands of request for JEEPAC to meet with the Republican candidate. Clearly, the black community is starting to question the Democratic Party. Economic growth in black communities has either remained stagnant or decreased under the leadership of the Democratic Party. It is sad to say that even many black candidates have failed to deliver a message about black business growth. The thousands of requests we have received to sit down with Mr. Kemp who, by his own admission, is a staunch right-winger, illustrates that blacks are starting to question whether the Democratic Party has their interests at heart," said Omar Ali, President of JEEPAC. 

"The social problems that plague our community are the symptom of the broader problem. Namely, that our community lacks economic power and thereby lacks political power. Without economic power or political power, it should come as no surprise that we are denied fair treatment by the criminal justice system and treated as second-class citizens. We must create a new wave of black entrepreneurship and business leadership in this country starting right here in Atlanta. For our next governor, JEEPAC is searching for a partner in this ambitious vision. We look forward to hearing from both Ms. Abrams and Mr. Kemp and making Georgia the best place in the nation for African American owned businesses," Ali added. 

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