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IMI Announces Newly Redesigned Website


IMI Announces Newly Redesigned Website

Interactive design elements, user-focused navigation, and bold design elements underscore the newly redesigned IMI website.

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CHAMBERSBURG, Pa., August 01, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- IMI announced today the launch of its newly redesigned website, which is focused on providing solution information to fleets' toughest challenges. Whether fleets are concerned about fuel economy, corrosion protection, safety, or productivity, IMI has restructured its website to be a resource for the entire commercial trucking industry.

New interactive elements give visitors an advanced digital experience. Some elements include: a 3D-rendered truck that moves with the drag of a mouse, allowing users to see the truck from all angles and read text callouts; a section to discover sealant solutions personalized to a user's needs; and a swipe-through wheel image that demonstrates the life of a steel wheel being refinished. Each IMI brand section of the website houses information on solution performance, FAQs, downloadable resources, and product information. The new navigation style facilitates a seamless transition between solutions, and the mobile-responsivity of the website supports visitors across multiple user platforms.

"I think great website design goes beyond aesthetics," says Faith Bramlet, Marketing Director at IMI. "The goal was to evolve our digital landscape into a more cohesive and aligned experience that better communicates what our company does. Human-centered design is a creative approach to problem solving, and it's what we do at IMI. We understand a user's experience on a website and that the modern visitor doesn't really want to talk to someone until they are ready. We intentionally designed new site elements that will empower users to perform self-selected actions, allowing them to find quick answers to questions they may have through informative and relevant content."

IMI also dedicated a large section of the website to its blog content, centered around industry insights and articles on fleet pain-points; this section intends to be a wide-ranging resource for industry professionals. Existing blog posts from the previous website have been transferred and new articles will continue to be uploaded on a regular basis. There is also a consolidated area of the site dedicated to testimonials and success stories where users can watch testimonial videos, read customer quotes, and download case studies.

For IMI Dealer and Distributor Partners, there is a link to the IMI Partner Portal located in the navigation of the website. This portal holds various sales and marketing tools as well as training resources for IMI FLEXX, MILCURE, STS Sealant brands, and Checkpoint. And for IMI's international partners, there is a new section of the website dedicated to the IMI GmbH.

IMI President and CEO, Bob Fogal, Jr., believes a great benefit of the newly redesigned site is in its resources to visitors: "The purpose of our new website is to provide a go-to resource for our fleet customers to help their operations be more profitable. It's a tool that gives fleets a great deal of educational information, pointing them toward solutions to the challenges that they face in maintaining safety and productivity while managing costs. Our 45 years of experience gained in working with both fleets and the commercial tire dealers who service them, make the tire/wheel and fuel saving content on our new website very useful."

The new website is up and running today, July 30, 2018 and is accessible at the same address:

Content on IMI's new website will be updated on a regular basis with news of product launches, business activity, corporate milestones, events, and press releases. Visitors are encouraged to explore the website and keep up to date on new blog posts at

About the Company

Based in Chambersburg, PA, IMI was founded in 1973. IMI has since led the way in developing innovative truck tire, wheel, and fuel-preserving solutions for the commercial trucking industry. With over 300 years of combined industry experience, IMI's success has come from understanding the challenges facing commercial trucking fleets and creating exceptional products that deliver cost savings, reduce operating costs, and improve safety on the road. Our goal at IMI is to deliver extra miles in extraordinary ways by providing high quality solutions and exceptional customer service. Solutions like IMI FLEXX, MILCURE, STS Tire Sealant, and Checkpoint are leading the industry with rigorous testing and scientifically proven advantages to meet fleets' challenges and increase profitability.



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