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CERES Coin to Present at 38th Annual Canaccord Genuity Growth Conference in Boston


CERES Coin to Present at 38th Annual Canaccord Genuity Growth Conference in Boston

CERES Coin will present at the Blockchain and Digital Asset Symposium on August 7th, as a prelude to the Growth Conference on August 8th and 9th.

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CHICAGO, Aug. 1, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- On August 7th, Canaccord Genuity, the global capital markets division of Canaccord Genuity Group Inc, will host its 38th Annual Growth Conference in Boston. This year, CERES Coin, a blockchain transaction network in the cannabis industry, will present to investors on the Blockchain and Digital Asset Symposium stage.

When you think of the cannabis industry, you may not immediately think of the blockchain or a security token offering, but CERES Coin is betting big that this will change in the near future. The startup is seeking to launch the world's first SEC-compliant Security Token Offering (STO) in the cannabis industry this year, and they're already well on their way to succeeding. They're poised to disrupt the industry in a way we haven't seen since state-led legalization.

Founders Charlie Uchill and Greg Anderson launched CERES after seeing significant issues in the cannabis market – specifically in funding, banking, and transactions in the industry. Since the sector is "unbanked" aka, banks refuse to finance cannabis ventures, it's up to cannabis startups, of which there are many, to turn to the private sector for funds.

Ambitious ICO founders have jumped at the opportunity to bring in funding, but Uchill and Anderson know what many investors have discovered over the last few years - ICOs are unstable at best and fraudulent at worst. Uchill and Anderson understand that the problems facing the cannabis industry (ease of brokering transactions, regulation and oversight, and lack of funding) can't be solved with cryptocurrency alone. Only a security, backed with the full support of the SEC, will bring the cannabis industry from a niche market to the masses. A regulated STO can benefit both companies and investors and allow the cannabis industry to flourish.

No strangers to an uphill battle (founders Charlie Uchill and Greg Anderson are USMA grads, and Uchill is a former U.S. Army Ranger), CERES is willing to push hard to make their dream a reality. And they have proven time and time again that their instincts are right on the money. They are excited to speak at the conference and look forward to meeting other change-makers in the space.

About CERES Coin: Founded in 2017, CERES Coin is a blockchain transaction network for the cannabis industry. The company hopes to launch the first ever SEC-compliant STO in 2018.

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