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Book Presents 'the Danger that Muslim Represent' in Western Societies


Nader Akbari announces the release of ‘The Saracen's Codex'

SANTA POLA, Spain (PRWEB) August 28, 2018

Nader Akbari marks his publishing debut with the release of "The Saracen's Codex" (published by AuthorHouse UK), an exposition on the "fail of ‘multiculturalism' as intended in Europe, as far as Islam is concerned." The book, according to the author, acknowledges the issue affecting Western societies today — "the danger that Muslim represent, to themselves and others."

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Akbari explains that Islam today is one of the biggest challenges Europe is facing, because of the security issues caused by Islamic terrorism and of the non-integration policy of Muslim immigrants and communities, which, "will entangle European citizens in cultural conflicts within their own societies."

Moreover, Akbari believes that the root of the problem is in Islam itself and the verses of the Quran. "That includes the ‘moderate' Muslims, which keep producing Muslims," he says.

"As far as Islam and Muslims are concerned, being politically correct will cost us dearly. The members of society must exercise their right to openly express themselves, and voice their concerns." The author adds, "‘The Saracen's Codex' may not appeal to many, but I hope many would read it, non-Muslims, Muslims, and especially young Muslims whom I consider being unfortunate to be born into Muslim families, and are unfairly labeled Muslim."

A snippet from the book:
Generation after generation, Muslims with their Muslim mentality systematically destroyed their own pre-Islamic cultures and civilizations, converted their countries into cultural wastelands without any hope of progress, all because they were forced or preferred to be Muslim. Massive Muslim immigration and the resulting fast-growing population has already started the same process in Europe and the rest of what we call the free world.

"The Saracen's Codex"
By Nader Akbari
Hardcover | 6 x 9in | 396 pages | ISBN 9781546284680
Softcover | 6 x 9in | 396 pages | ISBN 9781546284628
E-Book | 396 pages | ISBN 9781546284611
Available at Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the Author
Born in Iran, Nader Akbari is a Spanish citizen who has lived in Spain, the U.K. and Germany. He majored in philosophy in 1994, promotion by correspondence, at Fairfax University, Louisiana, USA. His professional activities include different areas of tourism and civil aviation. "The Saracen's Codex" is Akbari's first book.

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