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Corra Group Adds Corporate Records and Social Media Background Checks to its Executive Level Employment Screening Packages.


With increased competition for executive hires, Corra Group offers Social Media Reports and Corporate Records searches to help avoid conflicts and liabilities in selecting executive talent.

EL SEGUNDO, Calif. (PRWEB) August 28, 2018

Corra Group has added to his executive level employment screening packages the corporate records search and the social media reports. Given the exposure most employers will encounter when hiring their mid-to-upper level executives, these searches are becoming advanced instruments for even greater scrutiny into someone's past and social media behavior patterns.

"We deem these two background checks mandatory for any employer seeking to have the most the most thorough appraisal of its new applicants for positions in mid-management or executive level," said Corra Group Co-Founder, Gordon Basichis. The social media report and the corporate records search can be added to either of our Corner Office Package or Fast Track Package, or we can create a customize an employment screening package that would best fit the needs of any employer.

In addition to the county criminal and county civil records searches and the federal criminal and federal civil records searches, we include the education verification and employment verification background check in our executive packages, along with the Motor Vehicle Driving Records," said Basichis. "But the corporate records searches may reveal any company where the applicant is a principal and therefore the position may pose a conflict of interest. The Social Media Report reflects behavior patterns and sentiments that my reveal a candidate is not the best fit for that working environment."

Basichis pointed out that in addition to domestic background searches, Corra Group can add international background checks for international job applicants who not only lived but were educated and employed outside the United States. He cautioned that in the contemporary hiring environment this is often the case and should not be overlooked.

"Corra Group has clients both domestically and globally seeking to hire executives as replacements for vacant positions or as part of their expansion programs," said Basichis. "The economy in general, but especially in the United States is experience robust growth pretty much from coast to coast.

The job market is competitive, hiring is fierce, and employers need to move quickly to acquire their needed talent," said Basichis. "But if an employer moves too fast, without conducting the necessary background checks, it can find itself in an awkward if not precarious situation. As we say at Corra Group, check them out before you hire. And check them out thoroughly."

BACKGROUND: Corra operates as Corra Group and Corra Global Research and specializes in employment screening, due diligence and corporate research. Corra Group offers the full range of background checks and business research to industries throughout the United States and around the world.

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