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New Book Dives into Meaning and Purpose of the Bride of Christ


Author Duke Levy Jr. releases informative, in-depth examination of the Second Coming of Christ and God's preparation of the Bride to rule and reign over Earth

WAVELAND, Miss. (PRWEB) August 26, 2018

The Bible asserts that the Second Coming of Christ is inevitable and unavoidable, and it is imperative that the church prepares adequately. Author Duke Levy Jr. explains how the end-time church, called to be the Bride of Christ, can prepare for the Second Coming in his new book, "Unveiling the Mystery of the Bride of Christ: The Restoration Truth of Who & What Is the Bride of Christ."

In the book, Levy extensively studies the Bride of Christ, who and what the Bride is and details God's preparation of the Bride to rule and reign on earth with his son, Jesus Christ. Levy describes being part of the Bride as a way of life as opposed to simply believing in a religion.

"Unveiling the Mystery" clarifies all uncertainties about the Bride by leading readers on a journey through the scriptures, proving without question who the Bride is and what her "preparation" means.

"As I began writing what I was learning, my understanding and focus was directed to a special people who are close to the heart of God, a people known as the Bride of Christ," Levy said. "I want readers to understand that the Bride has made herself ready by living a life in harmony with the true word of God."

Levy conveys a clear message to the church about the end times and how the church should prepare to be the Bride. In "Unveiling the Mystery," readers will discover God's plan for mankind, what role the Bride will play in the end times and what makes the Bride special.

"Unveiling the Mystery of the Bride of Christ: The Restoration Truth of Who & What Is the Bride of Christ"
By Duke Levy Jr.
ISBN: 978-1973618928 (softcover); 978-1973618942 (hardcover); 978-1973618935 (electronic)
Available at the WestBow Press Online Bookstore, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author
Duke Levy Jr. holds a bachelor's degree in theology and has been a student of the Bible for over 40 years, with the last 22 years spent teaching the uncompromising word of God as a church elder and ordained pastor. His approach to teaching and understanding the scriptures is to let the Bible interpret its own words or symbols rather than injecting his own opinion or bias. Levy currently lives in Waveland, Miss. To learn more about Levy and the book, please visit

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