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Canine Celebrity "BEAN" Leads The Pack In This Kindness Coalition

SAN DIEGO (PRWEB) August 25, 2018

It's been a busy week for everybody's dog, Bean! First he woo'd his fans for the national calendar "Never Bean Better Day" on August 22, and now his firm of endearment, Never Bean Better, Inc. launched a Kickstarter to share the therapy dog's love to all he can reach through the Toys that Teach Giving ™ movement. Buy one and they will give one Bean Buddy ™ to children in need. Bean hasn't forgotten his canine roots, he wants to share the love with his less fortunate canine brethren too!

These "comfort toys" will be given to children who are in need of a buddy. Never Bean Better Buddies™ will also help bring comfort to the lonely elderly. The dog toy, will share the Bean wuv with those canine friends who are in shelters or rescues. Other products as they become available, such as books, other Never Bean Better Buddies based on Bean's BFFs, dog toys, accessories for your Never Bean Better Buddy™ and promotional items will also be a part a giving program.

"It's a giving concept … those who can, help those who can't," said Trinity Clark, Never Bean Better spokesperson. The Never Bean Better "Share the Bean Wuv drops" will be scheduled on a regular basis across the country to organizations that support the well-being of others, such as hospitals, long-term care facilities, memory care units, veteran organizations, animal shelters and rescues and organizations that help those during disasters, she explained. The big ask is to join the Toys that Teach Giving ™ movement and help share the unconditional Bean wuv, that this loving therapy dog is know for, with those in need of a buddy. He's only one dog and this helps his compassion reach so many more, Clark explained.


As a celebrity canine, who is best known for his canine chatter and woo woo, Bean made appearances on Animal Planet's show The Haunted; was quoted in The Wall Street Journal and woo'd crowds at various canine-focused fundraisers as a spokes dog. Bean was born to share love. Bean was named Neversink's Never Bean Better at birth, he grew up in a loving Golden Retriever home with his Momma Ruby and his Uncle Trooper, and grew up to be a registered therapy dog, sharing the wuv at hospitals, schools, reading programs, behavioral health therapy group sessions, domestic violence and homeless shelters, and long-term care and Alzheimer units.

He delivered comfort toys to those in need. That is where the concept Toys that Teach Giving ™ was born. Bean has amazing litter mates and a lot of wooftastic Golden Retriever relatives who made their claim to fame in agility, confirmation, field, obedience, search and rescue and therapy dog services. He currently shares his residence with Uncle Trooper and Carly Q, and they have a major following on social media. Bean continues to travel to share his unconditional wuv. He has a global presence and shares his time in the US from east to west and around the country.

For more information visit the Never Bean Better social media sites on Facebook:, Twitter:, Instagram:, Pinterest:, or on the web at to learn more about Bean and his firm of endearment.

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