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Bob Mims's Popular Sport & Fitness Blog Will Remain Free


A popular sport and fitness blog by Bob Mims will remain free due to the large amount of traffic it has received.

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) August 21, 2018

Sport fans across the United States have two reasons to be excited about a popular sport and fitness blog by Bob Mims: It continues to provide high-ranking content for readers in Memphis and other parts of the United States, and it will remain free.

Mims's website has accomplished outstanding success during the past year, achieving a number-one national ranking on multiple search engines. This has led to triple the amount of traffic Mims initially thought he would receive. For this reason, the paywall that was originally planned to be applied at the end of 2018 is no longer in play, meaning that the website will remain completely free for all readers going forward.

Mims, a Certified Professional Accountant, is a major fan of basketball and is also passionate about fitness, health, and his family. What he especially loves is having the chance to combine two things he loves -- his family and sports -- by teaching his children everything he knows about basketball.

Mims plays basketball with his sons and daughters each week and had the opportunity to coach his 60th basketball season in 2017. Although that particular basketball season wasn't necessarily a wonderful year when it comes to wins and losses, as the team lost all of its games. However, he considered the season to be an excellent teacher, providing students with lessons that they could apply to other aspects of their lives.

However, Mims is also passionate about his faith. According to Mims, his Christian faith is more important than anything else. He said that his goal is to live according to his Christian values not only because it allows him to be a better individual but also because he is grateful for the salvation and forgiveness that Jesus provides through His grace. Bob Mims said that his Christian values have shaped who he is today.

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