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Bonk Be.Live mobile streaming application welcomes author Sofia Lvsh to stream live to fans


Michael Gilburd, CEO of Boink Live Streaming Corp., announced today that popular author Sofia Lvsh will be using Bonk Be.Live to keep her fans updated.


Sofia Lvsh lives in London, UK, and is the author of Passion of the Illuminati: join ancient spirit Sabine as she embarks
on a thrilling journey into a hidden secret world of magic, a 2000-year-old prophecy, passion and suspense. There are
many twists and turns which lead to liberation and true illumination.

Sofia will be streaming her very simple way of looking at things: love and be loved. Her favorite subjects are history,
quantum physics, the occult, spirituality, scriptures and mysteries. Sofia has travelled many parts of the world and met
all types of people and found great people everywhere. Through good times and bad, she took everything as just an
experience of life without being judgmental. Sofia declares that no race, no color, no country, no religion can ever claim
that she belongs to them and that she is the soul having human experiences which belong to the whole universe.
Where there is love, Sofia is there; where there is hate, anger, bullying, jealousy, judgements and superiority
complexes, those are not her people or her place, not her country, not her color. She is not her name, not her status,
not a job - she is infinite love, rejecting everything negative and accepts everything positive. Sofia is larger than one
country, one race, one religion; she cannot be defined in boxes, she is love which belongs to the whole universe. For
Sofia, love is the Law. Sofia wishes her Bonk BeLive streaming to leave good thoughts and good views behind for
future generations

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