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An Independent Surrogate's Problematic Experience Highlights the Importance of Working with an Agency, says Global Surrogacy Services


The Los Angeles based service comments on a recent article that gestational surrogates need specialized help and support.

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) August 13, 2018

A moving August 9th article on HuffPost is a first-person account by a former gestational surrogate. It describes her difficult experiences after deciding to undergo the surrogacy journey without the support of an agency and having never given birth before. In the article, she admits there is good reason why reputable agencies will not consider women who are not already mothers. "Not only were there reproductive health risks, but it was impossible for me to know exactly what I would be going through during pregnancy and what I was giving up post-birth, having never experienced motherhood before," she writes. Gestational Surrogacy Services says that the writer's experiences point out the reasons why so many surrogates work with agencies. The process is so fraught with medical, emotional, and legal issues, an independent surrogate is taking a very serious risk.

Gestational Surrogacy Services says that any woman who wants to become a surrogate should not consider the process of getting in touch with intended parents without some kind of professional support structure. The firm notes there are many important reasons to work with an agency, starting with the intensive screening processes agencies exercise regarding intended parents as well as surrogates. While some women who are eager to help build families might view the screening as a hurdle to be overcome, in reality, taking a close look at a woman's physical and mental state should be of benefit both to herself as well as to the offspring. Giving birth can be a wonderful, fulfilling experience, says the agency, but minimizing the potential risks is crucial for everyone involved.

Indeed, the agency says that it carefully supervises the entire process to ensure that the welfare of all parties -- the baby-to-be, the intended parents, and the surrogate -- is always carefully protected. Global Surrogacy Service adds that there's more to it than assuring that all the medical and legal hurdles have been dealt with. For example, the agency says that it works hard to ensure that all parties are comfortable with the kinds of arrangements that are going to be made during and after the pregnancy.

Global Surrogacy Services says that the process of bringing new life into the world through surrogacy is extremely rewarding, but making sure the experience is a positive one for surrogates and the families they help requires the guidance of knowledgeable professionals. Readers who would like to learn more can get in touch by calling Global Surrogacy Services at (800) 355-2009 or visiting its web site at

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