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Khurshid Attar's Book Explains the Caribbean phenomenon of 'Identity'


The relationship between ‘Individual and Family' on the broader sense is explored in 19 Caribbean novels of 12 writers

SATARA, India (PRWEB) August 13, 2018

When Shivaji University, Kolhapur introduced the study of Caribbean (West Indian) literature for post-graduate students, Khurshid Attar found that the study of it is unexplored. It opened up a new vista for her to analyze and interpret them. Thus, "The Relationship Between Individual and Family in the Caribbean Novel" (published by Partridge India) was produced.

The relationship between individual and family is explored in 19 novels from 1950s to 1980s of 12 well-known Caribbean writers who depict "Rainbow Caribbean society" with the possibility of cross cultural/racial/religious relationship, which presents in real sense "the microcosm of the world."

According to Attar, the study of novels contribute valuably to comprehend the Caribbean phenomenon of "identity," which is in essence, a struggle for meaningful relatedness, or sameness with others as human beings, within a society compelled by history into racial and cultural hybridization on the one hand, and social economic and political stratification, on the other. Psychological and sociological Caribbean context is different from usual context.

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"I hope my book will change the view of the people that cross cultural, cross religious and cross racial relationship is possible by crossing all boundaries and borders created by hateful atmosphere," Attar states. "The study of 19 novels try to convince the readers that Caribbeans have taught us that we belong to the family of "Global Village," and we are ‘the citizens of the world.'"

"The Relationship Between Individual and Family in the Caribbean Novel"
By Khurshid Attar
Softcover | 5x8 in | 384 pages | ISBN 9781482833959
E-Book | 384 pages | ISBN 9781482833966
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About the Author
Khurshid Attar is the sixth among seven daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Attar who belongs to a secular family. She is a retired teacher in English. She enjoys reading, painting, travelling and garden work. She holds a Master of Arts, a Master of Philosophy, a law degree, a doctorate degree and a diploma in Human Rights (New Delhi, India). Attar believes in global citizenship.

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