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Joyce Farms Expands Heritage Products to Include Pork and Bison


Joyce Farms, the premier provider of heritage breed meats, has expanded its popular Heritage product line to now include pork and bison. With the newest addition to its program, Joyce Farms now offers a complete selection of heritage breed meats for fine-dining chefs nationwide.

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. (PRWEB) August 09, 2018

Joyce Farms, the premier provider of heritage breed meats, has expanded its product line to now include pork and bison. With the newest addition to its program, Joyce Farms now offers a complete offering of heritage breed meats for fine-dining chefs nationwide.

"The demand for heritage breeds continues to strengthen, and Joyce Farms is proud to be a leader in the revitalization of old-world breeds," said Joyce Farms President Ron Joyce. "Expanding our Heritage product line to include pork and bison provides a diverse selection of products for professional chefs seeking the most flavorful and healthy meats for their menus."

Heritage Pork with Old-World Flavor Fit for Royalty
Joyce Farms Heritage Pork comes from an old-world English breed, the Gloucestershire Old Spot (GOS). Dating back to 1790, it is the oldest pedigreed spotted pig in the world. With its distinctive black spots, floppy ears and ability to produce flavorful, succulent pork, the breed was the gourmets' choice in England through the 1920s and 1930s. To this day, the British Royal Family keeps the pedigreed pigs on their Gloucestershire estates.

"Our Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs are raised on family farms in North Carolina where they roam freely outdoors on lush pastures," said Joyce. "The strict raising standards and carefully selected heritage genetics results in superior pork with an abundance of marbling, nutrients, and a rich, natural pork flavor."

Heritage Bison Raised the Natural Way
The American Frontier Bison fed Native Americans and settlers for hundreds of years. Almost hunted to extinction, the bison population has been replenished, and today is the choice of people seeking exceptional flavor and nutrition in dining. Joyce Farms Heritage Bison is 100 percent grass-fed and grass-finished. The bison graze on well-maintained, actively growing pastures that replicate the grasslands from hundreds of years ago and supply high levels of nutrients.

"Joyce Farms heritage bison are raised on a family-owned farm operation in Wisconsin, where they roam free on 2,500 acres of prairie grasslands," said Joyce. "The bison grow and mature as bison have done for thousands of years, eating only grass, and are field harvested with the same infinite care that they were raised."

A strong advocate and for Regenerative Agriculture, Joyce Farms is raising both its pork and bison lines under specific protocols that are better for both the animals and the land. Regenerative Agriculture is a method of farming that relies on the natural balance that Mother Nature provided rather than harsh chemicals. Farmers are able to adapt their systems to changing conditions. When implemented, Regenerative Agriculture builds soil health, reduces excess carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere, and results in restored habitats, animal welfare, clean water, and more nutritious food.

Joyce Farms raises its heritage pigs and bison on well-maintained, actively growing pastures that supply high levels of nutrients to the grazing animals. Pastures are kept in good condition and animals are rotated to fresh pasture every two to three days, allowing time for the pastures to rest and recover.

Joyce Farms Heritage Pork and Heritage Bison are available wholesale to restaurants and food distributors. The company also plans to add select pork and bison products to its retail web store by the end of the year.

Established in 1962, Joyce Farms is family-owned business providing meat and poultry of the highest quality and flavor to chefs, butchers and consumers nationwide. Joyce Farms is best known for using traditional agricultural methods and old-world heritage breeds, like their renowned Poulet Rouge Fermier™ chicken(Certified GAP Step 4 by the Global Animal Partnership). Joyce Farms currently offers a line of Heritage products that includes Poulet Rouge™ chicken, Poulet Rouge™ poussin (young chicken - GAP Step 2), pintade (French Guinea), white pheasant, Spanish Black turkey (GAP Step 4), Aberdeen Angus cattle (GAP Step 4), Gloucestershire Old Spot pigs and American Frontier bison. They also offer a Naked (Nothing added ever) line produced without the use of hormones, antibiotics, animal by-products or anything artificial; it includes chicken, duck, turkey and rabbit. For more information, visit

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