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Tom Ferry Introduces High-Tech Innovation to the Historically Human World of Business Coaching


"The HUB" is a revolutionary business solution to deliver "tech-enabled coaching" to the No. 1 real estate coach's members

(PRWEB) August 07, 2018

Aiming to grow one's self and achieve success far beyond anything imaginable – in any aspect of life or business – having a coach has become indispensable.

Coaching, as a concept, is inherently human. The experience is extremely personal, with one individual educating, encouraging and holding accountable another.

It's a rarely intimate pursuit in today's high-tech world.

Real estate coach Tom Ferry loves that aspect of his role. He and his team of rock-star coaches live by the principle of helping people – mothers, fathers, ambitious professionals young and old. Witnessing people's growth and seeing them achieve new heights of business production and personal fulfillment is what drives Tom and his master coaches on a daily basis.

But he also recognizes how adding technology to the equation could make for an even better experience for his clients.

In fact, it was back in 2016 that he coined a term that would lead to a complete revolution of coaching as he's known it for the past 30+ years.

"Tech-enabled coaching," he called it.

Today that vision comes to fruition with his announcement of The HUB, a revolutionary online platform to help professionals manage and grow their businesses with ease.

Like all tech, The HUB is not designed to replace the human aspects of communication, coaching and personal accountability.

Rather, it intensifies those aspects by providing tools that empower real estate professionals to achieve more in less time, all with greater structure and organization surrounding their business.

Tom Ferry predicts The HUB will completely change how real estate professionals do business.

"The HUB takes many of the typical pitfalls for real estate professionals and provides easy-to-use solutions for agents everywhere," Tom Ferry says. "It's designed to be available 24/7 and is flexible enough to address whichever area of your business needs help."

Highlighted among The HUB's many tools are four key features:

Business Planning & Activity Tracking
The HUB's comprehensive business plan allows you to input your goals, and The HUB will then create the activities required to achieve your desired result. Activity Tracking allows Tom Ferry coaches to view real-time data regarding prospecting, marketing and more, layering additional accountability into their one-on-one relationships with members.

The Tom Ferry CRM Powered by Contactually
Research shows 64 percent of real estate professionals do not use a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. That's why Tom Ferry partnered with Contactually to help you build and maintain stronger relationships with leads and clients, and ultimately, make more money. With customized "buckets" to segment contacts, you'll never let another lead fall through the cracks.

The Smartest Referral Network
Every month, thousands of agents possess referrals to give but lack the resources to connect with trusted professionals outside their own marketplace. The HUB's Smartest Referral Network enables you to immediately locate and connect with qualified agents through Smart Search technology for ease of conversion and increased income. The HUB's proprietary algorithm also adds a "gamification" element to the referral process to encourage "speed to lead" and the ability to instantly connect your clients with a trustworthy resource. Additionally, with everything routed through The HUB, you never need to reveal any sensitive information you don't want to – even your cell number is protected!

Video Role Plays
In sales, knowing exactly what to say and how to say it is essential to one's success. That's why Tom Ferry has always been a big believer in practicing what to say and how to say it through "role plays" with your peers. The HUB's Video Role Plays allow you to partner up with other users of The HUB to practice on demand and at your convenience. You can also hone your skills by participating in observer mode, watching others role play. With built-in real estate scripts for practically every situation, your phone prospecting, presentation and objection handling skills will skyrocket by using Video Role Plays regularly.

The HUB is included as a value-added bonus with all Tom Ferry coaching memberships.

Tom Ferry announced the launch of The HUB at his annual Success Summit, a gathering of 6,000+ dedicated real estate professionals currently taking place in Anaheim, CA. The event runs through August 9. You can find more on Tom Ferry and The HUB at

Tom Ferry's commitment to serving the real estate industry is what has earned him the ranking of No. 1 real estate coach in the Swanepoel Power 200 every year since 2014. He's also the author of two best-selling books, Life! By Design and Mindset, Model and Marketing! His company, Tom Ferry International, provides success coaching for more than 6,000 real estate and sales professionals worldwide.

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