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Goya-Move for Android Launches, Now Giving Parents the Ability to Manage Their Children's Screen Time on Both Android and iOS Devices


P-Ink Ventures Inc. today announced the availability of the Android version of its new parental control and screen time moderation app, Goya-Move.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (PRWEB) August 02, 2018

P-Ink Ventures Inc. today announced the availability of the Android version of its new parental control and screen time moderation app, Goya-Move. Goya-Move, which stands for "Get Off Your Apps & Move!", is an app that enables parents to set achievable activity goals for their kids, which children then need to accomplish in order to get access to their favorite apps.

"It is all about teaching moderation and helping our kids enjoy life beyond the screen," said Isaac Gredinberg, President of P-Ink Ventures Inc. "Today's technology is responsible for so many positive things in life, like giving us the ability to stay connected with our kids, simplifying our lives, and more. It's important for our kids to know how to leverage the benefits of this technology – but it's also not healthy for them to be completely dependent on it. And that's where Goya-Move comes in. We believe there can and should be a balance between use of technology and actually getting outside, being active and enjoying life."

Coming on the heels of the launch of the iOS version of the Goya-Move app just two weeks ago, today's launch of Goya-Move for Android enables multi-platform families to easily manage their kids' screen time regardless of which device they use. Here's how Goya-Move works:

  • Parents download the Goya-Move app (for either Android or iOS) on both their devices and their children's devices and begin with the 5-day free trial
  • Once logged in, parents add each of their children's devices to their account
  • Parents can then see each of the children's apps, and can set specific activity goals (e.g., "Get 1,000 steps") that the child needs to accomplish before they get access to those apps (either on an app-by-app basis, or blocking all apps until goals are met)
  • Activity goals can be set on a daily or hourly basis, to encourage movement and activity throughout the day
  • Blackout times can also be set for specific times of day, like during designated dinner or homework times
  • Each time a child tries to open an app, they are notified of their activity progress, and encouraged to hit their goals in order to unlock access to those apps
  • Over time, kids learn to balance screen time with physical activity

Goya-Move is the first-ever mobile application aimed to assist parents in managing their children's screen time by setting activity goals. Unlike other tools on the market that operate as "parental control apps," Goya-Move promotes digital wellbeing and encourages children to participate in physical activity, making it easier for parents to get their kids moving and off their devices.

"Prior to Goya-Move, ‘technology time-outs' really were like punishments, because they were usually accomplished by taking a kid's phone away from them," said Keri Mackey, Co-Founder and Marketing Director of P-Ink Ventures Inc. "But with Goya-Move, you have the ability to make these technology breaks more of a conversation and agreement between you and your children. This enables you to set very realistic, achievable expectations for them – something they can easily accomplish by getting outside a few times a day. This actually helps ensure that you don't have to take your kid's phone away from them, which is something most parents are reluctant to do, because you lose your ability to contact your child in an emergency."

In addition to now enabling parents to manage their children's access to apps regardless of which type of device they use, the parent version of Goya-Move remains free. This means that parents can give access to other parents, grandparents, nannies and more – enabling them to log into the parent account and set permissions for times when children are left under the supervision of others.

The App is available on both the Google Play Store as well as the iOS App Store. There is a 5 -day free trial to try the app, and after that there is a subscription fee starting at just $1.99 for the first child, and then one dollar more per child for any additional children you wish you add to your account.

About P-ink Ventures Inc.

P-ink Ventures Inc. is the parent company of the Goya-Move parental control app, and the Goya ("Get Off Your Apps") platform. The Goya platform was created by entrepreneurs Isaac Gredinberg and Keri L. Mackey, two Silicon Valley natives who have leveraged their experience raising six children to solve the worldwide problem of phone addiction in children. The Goya platform provides the footprint for apps designed to help change how children interact with their internet-based devices. For more, visit us at or engage with us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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