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Premium Incentive Products Features Steve Damerow Commentary on Celebrating Employee Milestones in Meaningful Ways


Premium Incentive Products magazine, written for premium and incentive buyers, recently showcased the expertise of Steve Damerow, CEO of Atlanta-based Incentive Solutions. Damerow discussed the importance of updating years-of-service awards to make them relevant for today's employees.

ATLANTA (PRWEB) August 01, 2018

An article published in Premium Incentive Products magazine on ‘Celebrating the Milestones: Do Years-of-Service Awards Still Matter in the Gig Economy?' featured commentary by Incentive Solutions Founder Steve Damerow. His strategies emphasize the need for immediacy and choice to make milestone awards relevant and satisfying for today's employees.

He points out that one aspect of years-of-service awards that's definitely outdated is the old "gold watch" mentality. This tradition entails that all employees get the same prize when they reach certain milestones—e.g., the gold pocket watch, traditionally given at 25 years of continuous employment. This won't fly at all with the majority of today's workers. "If you do it the way you did it in years past, younger generations will find it degrading and condescending," says Damerow. "Tenure for the sake of tenure, and just giving them a gold watch, is seen as an insult."

Instead, it's imperative to treat employees as individuals and give them a chance to celebrate this individuality with a choice of awards. "These people have grown up with iPhones. They've grown up with the immediacy of coupon codes and going to Amazon and using them right away," explains Damerow. "They want to have a choice from among thousands of items—and then be able to share that choice with their peers."

The Premium Incentive Products article goes on to discuss other strategies for making milestones meaningful. Designing award programs to reinforce key organizational values will drive internal culture and branding. During service award presentations, a clear connection can be created between the individual employees and company brand values. Another trend involves celebrating milestones earlier. Investing in awards given upon employee onboarding or after the first few months of work demonstrates the culture, creates connection and shows employees that they are valued early on.

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