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InsurMark Announces Business Alpha Survey Results


Business Alpha Data Survey helps advisors understand the challenges of running their practice as a more successful business

HOUSTON (PRWEB) August 01, 2018

InsurMark conducted this Business Alpha Data Survey to help advisors understand the challenges of running their practice as a more successful business.

Financial advisors as a group are an aging population. They are facing a season of transition. And so this survey focuses on one central question: How prepared are you?

"Many advisors may be setting themselves up for a lot of unnecessary stress. Most are boomers and will eventually face a transition. When we found that 83% of the advisors consider their business a part of their retirement plans we knew that these advisors could need help planning and preparing for their life after work," said Jay Vinson, InsurMark's Executive Vice President for Sales and Marketing.

"The business opportunity for advisors and institutions who work with them is that many of these advisors could have more than a "great paying job" with more structure to their business. The survey found that even though their business is a part of their retirement plans, 65% had no succession plans and 89% had no appraised value for their business," Steve Kerns, founder and President observed.

"We call the process of optimizing the value and balance of your life's work driving business alpha. Advisors in strategic partnership with InsurMark realize more alpha through our industry-first value engineering process." Kerns continued.

"Whether you're a Millennial, GenX, Baby Boomer, start-up or established advisor; value engineering your business makes sense today," Vinson suggested.

About InsurMark

InsurMark, established in 1983 and headquartered in Houston, TX, specializes in providing safe retirement and asset protection solutions through financial professionals using annuities and life insurance. As an Advisor Development Organization, InsurMark provides solutions to meet the ever-evolving needs of financial professionals with a mission to protect and enhance the financial security of every home in America.

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