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Entrepreneur and Cargotecture Expert Katalina Klein and Her Company Kubed Living Introduce New Alternative to Conventional Home Building


Customized Homes from Shipping Storage Containers Popular for Homebuyers Looking for Modern Conveniences without Familiar Hassles, Expense of Brick and Mortar Construction

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) August 01, 2018

The first thing you notice about entrepreneur Katalina Klein is that she is always on the phone. Whether talking to a Canadian hotelier interested in using storage containers for a new "glamping" resort near Lake Louise, a developer planning a large apartment complex featuring cargotecture in Portland, Oregon, or a young couple purchasing a new Kubed Living Studio 160 for their newly purchased Los Angeles residential lot, Klein reports that her office has been busy since introducing an online catalogue of home options this spring. The introduction of the company's new Studio 160 has only added to the buzz.

Looking at the plans for a Studio 160, it's difficult to imagine its humble origins as a 20 foot metal storage container. Emphasizing clean lines, elegance and modernity, the Studio 160 has garnered immediate praise from architecture fans and home buyers alike. Klein and her staff stress that the Studio 160 is entirely luxurious, despite its small size. Made for vintage Eames chair or Aalto cocktail table to look right at home in its main living area, the Studio 160 was conceived as a blending of old school style and repurposed, upcycled materials. Indeed, unlike many of the startups in recent years featuring homes made from storage containers, Kubed Living has positioned its products instead as natural extensions of contemporary design values, rather than just as pragmatic architectural solutions.

For its $55,000 price, the Studio 160 is available in four bright colors. It also includes a sliding glass door, interior and exterior paint, full electrical including HVAC, a tankless water heater, washer and dryer, kitchen cabinetry, full insulation and more. For an extra fee, a deck and exterior staircase can be added. And rather than requiring long months of on site construction, the Studio 160 is shipped to the home site ready for time sensitive installation by a Kubed Living contractor and their staff.

Unlike a mobile home or even a "tiny house," the Studio 160 boasts a metal frame that is rodent and weather proof. Built to withstand the wet, stormy weather of the open seas, cargotecture is also sturdier than most wooden framed homes, let alone flimsy mobile units. The Studio 160, like all products featured by Kubed Living, are designed as permanent structures grounded by a cement slab underneath. They are solid, strong, and meant to last, whether stacked 3 units high or as a single structure. The building can easily be made fireproof, and has found an audience among those homeowners concerned about earthquakes. In other words, the Studio 160 and its Kubed Living siblings are here to stay.

"We're really concerned with our ecological footprint," says a Kubed Living home buyer, Stephen M., "but we wanted something stylish, lasting and customizable. We fell in love with cargotecture for those reasons."

Recently profiled on South Korean television and multiple national websites and newspapers, Ms. Klein says she's excited about the future of cargotecture. "I love these spaces, and I know they're useful across a wide variety of applications. Whether for families looking to build a sturdy guest house in their backyard for a grandparent, or a young family interested in an environmentally responsible home in high fire area, this is the future of customized home building." she says.

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