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CelebExperts Names the Top Celebrity Marketing Activations of Summer 2018


Today's top brands are finding new and unique ways to utilize celebrity influence to attract consumers and create genuine interest that leads to huge ROI and increased sales.

NEW YORK (PRWEB) August 01, 2018

CelebExperts, one of the foremost authorities in celebrity acquisition and successful celebrity marketing initiatives, has chosen it's top 5 celebrity activations during the summer of 2018. While celebrity marketing campaigns have been widely used for decades, 2018 has brought about a shift in the way marketers choose and utilize their celebrity spokespeople.

When it comes to successful celebrity marketing campaigns, it's not just as simple as finding a celebrity spokesperson that fits your target demographic. It's imperative to dig deeper into that target market to determine what types of celebrity personalities, executions and strategies will drum up genuine interest in your brand, products and/or services while mitigating risk. You have to meet your consumer where they're at, and provide an ease of access that simplifies the call to action.

"The landscape that marketing managers have to choose from today has never been more diverse," said CelebExperts President and CEO Evan Morgenstein. "Whether it's a world class athlete, mega mogul music star or social media influencer, brands have the ability to reach a core demographic in more unique ways with more insanely talented celebrities than ever before."

Below are CelebExperts' Top 5 Celebrity Activations for Summer 2018:

Roger Federer and Uniqlo: The greatest player in men's tennis has officially left Nike to sign a 10-year apparel deal with clothing brand Uniqlo. Uniqlo's biggest problem from a sales standpoint has been building brand awareness in North America and Europe. Federer is the 4th most famous sports star in the world according to ESPN. Even though his playing career is winding down, his value in the marketplace will still hold true into retirement. Much like that of Olympic sprinter Usain Bolt who is still considered the 7th most famous sports star in the world post-retirement. By attracting new customers through Federer, Uniqlo will be able to entice them with their other low-cost, smart-casual products and begin to corner the marketplace against the global industry leaders such as Nike and Adidas.

Ninja and Uber Eats: What's the biggest problem gamers face during long hours of gaming other than a console or game glitch? Finding time to eat! Uber Eats is setting the table for this wealth of consumers by hiring viral streaming gamer Ninja to endorse their food delivery service. Ninja is the most popular streaming gamer in the world with over 8 million followers and counting. Uber Eats will be employing special giveaways and secret discounts to connect with his growing follower base of consumers who have a genuine need for Uber Eats' services. This no-brainer campaign directed at a hot segment of the marketplace will surely pay dividends for this growing division of the Uber brand.

Shaquille O'Neal, Ronda Rousey, Bear Grylls, Rob Riggle, Aaron Rodgers, Lindsey Vonn, Rob Gronkowski and Discovery Channel: Discovery Channel blew their competition out of the water thanks to the help of some tough, larger than life celebrity personalities during Shark Week 2018! Discovery ranked #1 across all broadcast and cable networks during their primetime Sunday night shows featuring celebrity guests Shaquille O'Neal, Ronda Rousey, Bear Grylls and Rob Riggle. Throughout the week, they integrated other celebrity cameos from the likes of Aaron Rogers, Lindsey Vonn and Rob Gronkowski to bring more excitement to Shark Week than ever before. This is a great case study for how brands and organizations can rebrand old initiatives to create bigger, more successful activations in the current marketplace with the help of celebrity influence.

DJ Khaled and Apple Music: There is perhaps no bigger entertainment personality in the social media universe than DJ Khaled. He's a natural born hype man and a great candidate for brands looking to connect with a wide-ranging demographic of consumers. Apple Music recently built a launch campaign behind his latest single which released Friday, July 27th. They employed actor Kevin Hart and Khaled's son Asahd for a commercial spot announcing the single release time. This might seem like overkill for one single, but the ad spot gave Apple Music a great tie-in to subtly market their service through one of the most visible figures in music today. The single premiered exclusively on Beats 1 Radio, a free streaming station for Apple users. After the free radio premiere, it was made available for purchase on iTunes. The single was the top selling song on iTunes by the next morning and no doubt Apple Music got a number of new subscription customers who want instant access to the newest songs and albums for a low monthly fee.

Jay Versace and Sprite: Social media influencer and budding comedian Jay Versace is the next big-name celebrity social media influencer to join the Sprite team for their "Fresh Faces" summer marketing activations. While social media posts have been utilized, Jay was featured in the latest TV spot for Sprite as well which debuted during the BET Awards. This introduced Jay to a large new audience while building on the connection between spokesperson and product on another marketing medium. For those that already follow Jay, they're asking themselves, is that Jay Versace on TV? Yes it is! People are doing a double take. Sprite is branding themselves as the cool soft drink, and target marketing the coveted 14-25-year-old consumer demographic to perfection.

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