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The Battery Show 2018 Features the Product Showcase Highlighting 27 Innovative Companies


SANTA MONICA, Calif., Aug. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Battery Show, North America's largest advanced battery technology event, today announced that 27 leading companies will be featured in the Product Showcase. Selected exhibitors will present their latest industry advancements first-hand at their booths in a series of 15-minute live product demonstrations, providing a closer look at new, improved solutions to a curated audience spanning all three days of the expo. The Battery Show runs alongside Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo and Critical Power Expo, taking place September 11-13, 2018 at the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi, MI. To register as press for The Battery Show, please visit:

"The Product Showcase is a huge value-add to our attendees and participating exhibitors as it brings the newest technology from across the industry to the show floor, providing the opportunity to experience today's groundbreaking innovations in one place," said John Lewinski, brand director, The Battery Show. "This is an ever-changing industry that is driven by new developments in technology and pushing the boundaries of what is possible. I'm happy to say that the companies participating in the Product Showcases wholly represent the trailblazers that are maximizing innovation in this industry."

For the exhibitors, the complimentary Product Showcase is an effective way to engage face-to-face with their audience and educate prospective customers on new or existing product lines, while attendees will receive a first-hand look at the technologies impacting the entire industry.

Featured demonstrations across the Product Showcase taking place at The Battery Show include:

September 11:

BAE Systems (booth 200) – On Tuesday, September 11, 10:15 a.m., BAE Systems will present its REAL System to Reduce Engine Accessories Loads. REAL is a simple and economic solution to enable electric accessories on CNG and diesel vehicles. The proven system powers electric accessories on more than 4,000 electric-hybrid vehicles and now can power accessories on conventional vehicles. It reduces scheduled and unscheduled maintenance costs, reduces noise, vibration, and harshness for passengers.

MEDATECH Engineering Services Ltd. (booth 419) – On Tuesday, September 11, 10:45 a.m., will present its ALTDRIVE System, used to replace diesel engines in heavy equipment. The alternative drive powertrains consist of a hybrid, or completely electric means of propelling the machine with industrial batteries. ALTDRIVE powertrain is an excellent integration of 700 VDC fast chargers, industrial Li-ion batteries, motors and vehicle controller VMU. This verified thermal management system designed and delivered by MEDATECH's engineering team allows a vehicle to operate in all condition. The entire system can be adapted to any heavy equipment like commercial trucks, tractors, excavators, buses, haul trucks, light rail, and mining equipment to name a few.

Dukosi Limited (booth 1023) – On Tuesday, September 11, 11:15 a.m., will present its advanced Cell Monitoring Systems (CMS) which is embedded into each cell in a battery system. The device accurately measures each cell's voltage, temperature and current allowing advanced diagnostics and State of Charge (SoC) calculations. The internal memory records each cell's lifecycle history and report SoC and State of Health (SoH) and uses Near Field Communications (NFC) technology. The CMS provides accurate per-cell measurements, improved diagnostics, logs abnormal cell events, reduces battery system cost and weight whilst improving performance and life. This helps monitor and manage warranty costs, enables second life applications, and preserves residual value.

H.B. Fuller Company (booth 1231) – On Tuesday, September 11, 11:45 a.m., will present its Swiftbond 4006FR Battery Module Encapsulation Foam. This patent-pending product will significantly improve battery module performance and stability in vehicle collisions and will allow manufacturers to produce a safer product for consumers. The key benefits of this product include: increased impact protection for battery modules, kinetic energy containment from initiating cell failures, thermal runaway prevention/minimization, and is lightweight.

Schlenk Metallfolien GmbH & Co. KG (booth 1538) – On Tuesday, September 11, 12:45 p.m., will present its Metal foils used in all batteries and play a key role for maximizing the cell efficiency. (RA) Rolled Foils by SCHLENK offer a variety of unique characteristics compared to (ED) Electrodeposited Foils and are ideal for the use in advanced battery applications. Learn more about the manufacturing process, different types, and special features of rolled foils.

Paraclete Energy (booth 1701) – On Tuesday, September 11, 1:15 p.m., will present its SM-Silicon585™ as a graphite precursor for the manufacture of a high-capacity, cycle-stable silicon-graphite composite for anode suppliers, and its customized SM-Silicon/C™ product.

Sympatec Inc. (booth 1849) – On Tuesday, September 11, 1:45 p.m., will present its HELOS/BR with RODOS/L and VIBRI/L featuring particle size and size distribution at 0.1 µm - 875 µm and laser diffraction. Learn how its laser particle sizer HELOS/BR can help to control the particle size distribution between the different dry battery powder materials spanning a range from 0,1 microns to 875 microns. This quick and easy measurement replaces time consuming chemical analysis for control of degree of oxidation. The effective and reliable sample dispersion with its powerful and fully-automated dry dispersion unit RODOS enables the HELOS sensor to deliver 3 measurements per batch within one to two minutes.

Motor Diagnostic Systems (booth 752) – On Tuesday, September 11, 2:15 p.m., will present its Portable Dynamometer, this new product enables obtaining the performance curves of any type of motor through a startup against its own inertia, or a known load. It features a comprehensive procedure including several new metrics for data quality assessment, cross-validation, and proof of adherence to physics heretofore not seen in published work, which provide sufficient additional credibility and utility as to make the method commercially viable for general use.

Tekscan (booth 1528) – On Tuesday, September 11, 2:45 p.m., will present the I-Scan™ pressure mapping system which is a minimally-invasive test and measurement tool that provides high-detail, real-time pressure data to improve design and assembly techniques of battery and power equipment. Each I-Scan system features a paper-thin tactile pressure sensing matrix used to capture interface pressure distribution between nearly any two mating surfaces and relay this information to an intuitive analysis software program. From assessing contact pressure between hydrogen fuel cell stacks, testing lithium-ion battery containment fixtures for pressure or expansions (e.g., thermal runaway), or in-field impact durability testing of battery or power structures, the I-Scan system is a wide-reaching R&D tool to optimize product development processes or improve manufacturing procedures.

September 12:

Tektronix, Inc. (booth 431) – On Wednesday, September 12, 10:15 a.m., will feature its new 6 Series MSO oscilloscope and its revolutionary probe solution (IsoVu ™) to demonstrate critical measurements focused on SiC and GaN power Semiconductors. Measurement accuracy to insight is vital—but it is impossible when using improper measurement techniques, and if the designer is not using the right measurement equipment. The demonstration will offer tips on example measurements and testing methods, which will help the designer test with greater accuracy, consistency, and reliability.

Standex Electronics (booth 433) – On Wednesday, September 12, 10:45 a.m., will present its P2100 transformer, a new addition to the Standex planar magnetics product line, which is capable of supporting power ranges between 10kW to 100kW and exhibits an overall 99% efficiency. In addition, it requires only a fraction of the footprint that conventional wire wound magnetics require. Due to Standex's unique design philosophy, this product is part of a standard series, but can be easily customized to meet the stringent requirements of a customer for a multitude of configurations. As a result, the P2100 is well suited to support the needs of the electric vehicle market and in specificity DC-DC converters and fast charging applications.

Wieland-Werke AG (booth 445) – On Wednesday, September 12, 11:15 a.m., will present its Copper Rotor which can meet the high demands that a high-performance electric machine places on the rotor. Wieland has developed a special fabricated copper rotor design for high-performance induction motor applications. Its disc-shaped, welded copper rotor is very flexible in design, in which copper materials of the highest conductivity but also of the highest strength are specifically combined enabling Wieland to manufacture a rotor for high speed application in excess of 25,000 rpm. Wieland is able to meet almost all strength requirements at high speeds with a wide range of copper alloys such as the high-strength Wieland K60 (CuCrZr) or Wieland K75 (CuCrSiTi).

LORD Corporation (booth 511) – On Wednesday, September 12, 11:45 a.m., LORD will present its CoolTherm® thermally-conductive encapsulants for motors. LORD CoolTherm encapsulants provide a robust thermal interface between the stator windings and motor housing, coupling high thermal conductivity with low viscosity, enabling encapsulant penetration into fine gaps. Furthermore, their high Tg allows for Class H and N ratings with no thermal stress cracks.

Continental Engineering Services (booth 604) – On September 12, 12:15 p.m., will present its 48-Volt Conversion System and E-Scooter. The 48-Volt Conversion System can be applied to a variety of vehicles such as scooters, ATVs, passenger vehicles, and more. The E-Scooter that has been developed shows the areas of expertise of CES in terms of packaging, software interface, build up, and calibration. CES has created this system consisting of Continental components including the Traction Machine with integrated electronics, Battery, Vehicle Control Unit, and a Conti Belt Drive.

Cape Bouvard Technologies Pty. Ltd. (booth 661) – On Wednesday, September 12, 12:45 p.m., will present its innovative CBT Structural Battery (CBTSB) technology that provides added stiffness to a vehicle's structure while reducing the weight of the Energy Storage System by more than 30% over comparable assemblies. The weight and packaging advantages of the CBTSB can translate to a range improvement of up to 30% in some Battery Electric Vehicles. A unique high-performance thermal management system enhances life and safety and innovative manufacturing processes and materials reduce the cost of the CBTSB by an estimated 20%. The very lightweight, flat form factor and structural capability mean that this battery can be considered for application in the floor pan, bulkheads and wing structures of both ground vehicle and aerospace applications.

Coroplast Fritz Müller GmbH & Co. KG (booth 749) – On Wednesday, September 12, 1:15 PM, will present its Coroplast HV Cables for electric vehicles. The latest innovation in terms of lightweight technology are Coroplast's active coolable high voltage cables. Liquid medium flows through the cable and cools down the current-heated conductor. The lightweight construction for high-voltage and electrification components not only reduces weight, but also space and cost. Benefits include: lower material consumption, less space needed, shorter development times, and less weight.

Mitsubishi Electric US Inc. (booth 811) – On Wednesday, September 12, 1:45 p.m., will present its 7th Generation Power Modules. The full line up of Mitsubishi Electric's 7th generation of power devices offers a wide lineup of industry standard packages and diverse selection of power ratings are applicable to EV Fast Charging and Critical Power applications including silicon and silicon carbide solutions.

Hydrostatic Extrusions Ltd. (booth 853) – On Wednesday, September 12, 2:15 p.m., will present its Cuponal™ bi-metallic conductor developed to provide a lightweight economic alternative to Copper. Cuponal™ consists of a solid core of Aluminum with a seamless outer layer of high purity copper. It is produced by the Hydrostatic extrusion process and is supplied as busbars or wire. Cuponal™ has been evaluated and used by many of the world's leading electrical equipment manufacturers. Cuponal™ can also be used to provide a termination between Aluminum and Copper terminals. The light weight benefit of this product is being utilized as an enabler by Aerospace and high-quality audio manufacturers. The drive to reduce weight in automotive and transport applications has seen a surge in evaluations of this unique technology. Cuponal™ is a proven technology and has been produced exclusively in Scotland for over 45 years.

HBM Test and Measurement (booth 911) – On Wednesday, September 12, 2:45 p.m., will present its Advanced eDrive Power Analyzer and Data Acquisition System, an innovative motor power analyzer designed specifically for electric dynamic drivetrain testing enabling rapid efficiency motor mapping and any custom advanced real-time analysis significantly boosting motor-inverter/drivetrain testing and research and development by many days. This demonstration will introduce an innovative solution specifically designed for motor and drive testing producing over 50 waveform and/or numeric results in real-time including dq0, Space Vector, efficiency or any custom measurement desired plus expandable to over 50 phases of power measurements and multiple torque/speed/CAN and/or physical/mechanical measurements in a single mainframe.

September 13:

Black Diamond Structures LLC (booth 1505) – On Thursday, September 13, 10:15 a.m., will present its MOLECULAR REBAR® advanced nanomaterials for energy storage devices. When added to the battery's active material, it greatly enhances mechanical and electrochemical properties, providing longer enhanced cycling life, improved consistency in capacity and significant value. In collaborations with leading material suppliers and cell producers, these new solutions have proven to dramatically increase cycle-life performance of high silicon content cells.

NH Research, Inc. (booth 1527) – On Thursday, September 13, 10:45 a.m., will present its 9300 EV/Powertrain Battery Test/Emulation System. The 9300 High-Voltage Battery Test System is a fully programmable cycler (charge/discharge) and Bi-Directional Battery Emulation system ideal for the testing or emulation of batteries, fuel cells, and other energy storage devices. Pairing the 9300 with Enerchron Test management software creates a powerful total solution for automated drive cycle testing and EV drivetrain performance testing. Enerchron uses standards-based formulas and directly records calculated results which sets it apart from other traditional cycling software solutions.

Thermo Fisher Scientific (booth 1749) – On Thursday, September 13, 11:15 a.m., will present its 21PlusHD high performance measurement and control platform specifically designed to increase quality, consistency and performance efficiency of lithium ion battery separator film, electrode coating, and electrode calendaring production lines. At the heart of the 21PlusHD platform is advanced sensor technology such as Prosis full spectrum NIR, dual LASER displacement, and the latest BetaPlus nucleonic sensor devices.

Stafl Systems LLC (booth 1836) – On Thursday, September 13, 11:45 a.m., will present Stafl Systems BMS 1000 Series, a Battery Management System with advanced cell balancing technology and software that helps ensure the battery pack is performing at its best. Using Safe Operating Envelope technology, the Stafl Systems BMS provides continuous pack monitoring and assessment, communicating critical information to vehicle systems to provide real-time usable data to onboard computers and operators via CAN Bus with multiple supported baud rates. The Stafl Systems BMS 1000 Series is a scalable solution, compatible with 12 to 256 series cells. The BMS supports up to 850V systems and includes passive cell balancing. The system can be configured to run an internal balancing algorithm or execute balancing commands received from an external control unit. All Stafl Systems products are cross-compatible, allowing for seamless integration and programming across a vehicle or stationary storage application.

AMADA MIYACHI AMERICA, INC. (booth 2054) – On Thursday, September 13, 12:15 p.m., will present its CD-V Series Capacitive Discharge Welders. The CD-V series welders are high-value compact capacitive discharge welders featuring dual pulse output with full control of both pulses which results in consistent welding output for repeatable process results. Ideal for battery manufacturing applications like tab to cell welding.

Power-Sonic Corporation (booth 2149) – On Thursday, September 13, 12:45 p.m., will present its PSL-12450E Lithium Iron Phosphate Rechargeable Battery. This battery line is compact and only 40% of the weight of comparable capacity SLA batteries in a safe and stable chemistry, making it much easier to handle and transport. The use of lithium iron phosphate greatly reduces the risk of combustion or explosion due to high impact, overcharging or short circuit situations. The rugged plastic case and cover are also flame retardant. Other additional features include; Higher Cycle Life, Better High-Temp Performance, Faster Charging, a BMS that provides real-time communication between battery & host system. Power-Sonic is taking its most popular model (the PSL-12450) and given it an upgrade. The PSL-12450E incorporates all the benefits of the original 12450, plus an enhanced protection design balancing the battery cells and protecting against overcharging or over discharging, 10 MOSFET for enhanced temperature control, & a state-of-the-art control chip on the BMS card offering better interface management and reporting.

Natron Energy (booth 2244) – On Thursday, September 13, 1:15 p.m., will present its 48V 1U UPS Battery Tray, offering 60% more power, 4X longer life, 25X faster re-charge and industry leading safety, all at a cost comparable to lead-acid, and in an industry standard form factor.

Dassault Systemes (booth 549) – On Thursday, September 13, 1:45 p.m., will present its Simpack Realtime Simulator. SIMULIA delivers realistic simulation applications that enable users to explore real-world behavior of product, nature and life. Simpack provides the capabilities to virtually model and optimize systems as well as vastly reduce the need for physical prototyping, improve product quality by impacting the design early in the development process, accelerate vehicle and component time-to-market, performance, and lifespan. Simpack simulates the non-linear motion of any mechanical or mechatronic system and empowers engineers to generate and solve virtual 3D models to predict and visualize motion, coupling forces and moments, as well as stress and strain distribution. From initial concept designs, through to production and redesigns, Simpack enables manufacturers to gain a competitive edge, with the ability to create high quality products in a time and materially efficient manner, thus reducing overall costs in design, production and maintenance.

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