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US Nuclear Corp. Partner Achieves Historic Milestone for Nuclear Fusion


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Los Angeles, CA, Aug. 29, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NEWMEDIAWIRE -- US Nuclear Corp. (OTC:UCLE):
US Nuclear Corporation's partner recently achieved a significant milestone in nuclear fusion by exceeding 1010 neutrons per pulse with MIFTEC Fusion power technology designed for use in US Nuclear Isotope generator.  This historic, high level neutron flux is far above what any other fusion company has ever achieved, and is a large step towards the final goal of producing medical isotopes in a localized medical setting.

The method that US Nuclear Corp. and MIFTEC Laboratories Inc. are working to develop is simple, safe, and cost effective.  It uses an isotope of hydrogen as fuel, which is derived from seawater, and is simple, safe, and cost effective compared to the current method of using highly enriched or low enriched uranium (HEU/LEU) that results in dangerous, long-term radioactive byproducts.  

With US Nuclear being designated as the exclusive manufacturer of the MIFTEC isotope generators.   And, with the radiopharmaceutical market currently a $10B USD worldwide industry, US Nuclear Corp. & MIFTEC Laboratories, Inc. plan to be a major market participant upon reaching final testing and implementation. 

We are proud of the many accomplishments reached to date, including:

  • US Patent issue for radionuclide production using Z- pinch neutron source.
  • Department of Energy Advanced Research Projects (DOE/ARPA – E) - $5.1M awardee.
  • Ongoing collaborations with the University of California, San Diego and the University of Nevada, Reno National Terrawatt Facility for laboratory experiments and advancement of MIFTEC technology

And planned actions:

  • Planned production of Mo-99 using the safe, efficient, environmentally friendly and scalable Staged Z–Pinch technology, producing no long-term nuclear waste
  • MIFTEC technology with expected capability of providing the nuclear medicine industry with on-site isotope production at a cost savings of up to 50% of current facilities.

The current state of medical isotope production is precarious at best.  Worldwide demand is primarily dependent on 5 aging nuclear reactors approaching the end of their operational usefulness.  Prominent closures of two reactors this year in Australia and Canada, highlight the urgency for a new method to produce these valuable isotopes already in short supply.


CEO Robert Goldstein says, "Given the failing state of essential medical isotope production facilities, this first ever achievement to meet and exceed the 1010 milestone in fusion neutron production could not come at a better time. Additionally, the projected cost savings of up to 50% over the current imported resources, the idea of on-site production, and the environmental benefit of a non-proliferating process that precludes the hazards of fission-based methods, should make for important upgrades ahead in the vital medical isotope supply chain."

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