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Liberated Solutions, Inc. Acquires Peppermint Jim, LLC


KANSAS CITY, Mo., Aug. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Liberated Solutions, Inc. (OTC:LIBE) is pleased to announce it has acquired 51% controlling interest in Peppermint Jim, LLC and all its assets. An 8k material event was made available on website as of Friday, August 24, 2018.

Peppermint Jim comes to us with a century plus worth of family experience and knowledge in growing, cultivating and marketing a wonderful array of mint and mint products. With two farms currently in operation and the Old Crosby Mint distillery, they are equipped to handle their products in-house from seed to package. Cutting out any immediate need for offsite manufacturing. Mr. Jim Crosby, known adamantly as Peppermint Jim to both friends and family alike, produces a product that is already enjoyed and praised by thousands of happy customers. Currently their products can be found on the Peppermint Jim website, Amazon and in numerous brick and mortar locations throughout the U.S. With the combined efforts of Liberated Solutions, along with strategic partners like Quinn Sales & Marketing, we aim to take this already self-sustaining revenue generating, family-run company and grow the Peppermint Jim brand to a much wider array of customers. Being organically grown, we see this as a perfect fit for locations like all-natural food stores and, with its health benefits, it's a perfect fit for chain vitamin shops.

"With the closing of the Peppermint Jim acquisition, we have completed the first step in a multi-level acquisition and share restructuring plan. We are pleased to be working with Jim Crosby and the Peppermint Jim brand," said Brian Conway, CEO of Liberated Solutions, Inc.

About Peppermint Jim, LLC.
Peppermint Jim is based in St. Johns, Michigan and has extensive experience in developing, producing, marketing and distilling fine mint and mint products. Their family has over 107 years in agriculture running the family's 90 plus acre primary farm. They use a proven 60-year-old root stock to yield an exceptional herb and they operate their own on-site distillery to produce their own farm distilled oils.

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About Liberated Solutions, Inc.
Liberated Solutions, Inc., is a diversified green energy services holding company delivering conventional as well as non-conventional Eco-friendly solutions throughout North America. For its customers, Liberated operates in Real Estate, Alternative Energy, Technology and Lifestyle projects. For its shareholders, Liberated Solutions operates and acquires a diverse array of energy products and service companies with proven revenues and operations. Its mission is to be the best small cap environmental services company of its kind in North America.

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