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MC Endeavors, Inc. /Room 21 Media Launches Automated Revenue Directory Module on Room 21 Media Platform and Provides Shareholder Updates


LAGUNA HILLS, CA, Aug. 24, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MC Endeavors, Inc. /Room 21 Media (OTC:MSMY) today announced the official launch of the new Automated Revenue Directory Module. The new revenue module is available for all installations of the Room 21 Platform. This exciting new feature can be re-used in any market vertical and the first installation of the new Automated Revenue Directory module is for Megola, Inc./TheShare.TV (OTC:MGON) and The module features an automated sales funnel process that uploads raw data which is then converted into a video guided sales funnel process resulting in Monthly SAAS (Software-as-a-Service) Revenues. The announcement was made by John Stippick, CEO of MC Endeavors/Room 21 Media. John stated "We are excited about the new Automated Revenue Directory module as we are first launching with TheShare.TV and To view the system in action, simply visit TheShare.TV, click on Find A Rehab and then enter California in the Search Box. You'll see paying clients and also click on "Claim Listing" to see the automated Verification Process.  This is only the beginning as we will launch the next Automated Directory in  and  The three key components shareholders should note is that: 1) The Automated Revenue Directory provides Monthly SAAS revenues to the company 2) The entire process is completely automated and self service to the clients and 3) The new module is agnostic to any industry and will be used across other Room 21 platforms in healthcare, entertainment, and general business. This is truly exciting as we've already received orders for Featured and Verified Listings in the directories so we are truly going in the right direction."

John Stippick added, "Regarding general updates, the Company is proud to say that we are working closely with our various partners to ensure the launch of TheShare.TV for Labor Day Weekend. We wanted to launch the Automated Revenue Directory first as an added revenue generator for our company prior to launch of the channel. The Company has decided to withdraw the early release of the TheShare.TV mobile app and will launch at the committed time of Labor Day. We will initially launch on Android with rapid follow up on Apple iOS. We are committed that our app will far outpace other content distribution apps such as Netflix and HBO (which have no social features) and will allow us to easily justify our monthly subscription fee to the apps we develop. Additionally, we have already started work with our partners for ROKU and Rabbit TV distribution as well.  Lastly, we are continuing to work with FINRA regarding name and symbol change as we respond to their comments."

Mr. Stippick continues, "While much fanfare has gone to TheShare.TV spinoff, we want our shareholders to know that this is only one instance of the total Room 21 Platform plan. TheShare.TV is a great company for one specific market and for us is a "proof of concept" of the total power and capability of the Room 21 Media Platform as we pursue large and mid-cap companies in entertainment, healthcare, and general business. This first of a kind large scale deployment with many new technologies is typically the most costly but in our model the investment in the launch will ultimately translate into revenues to MSMY and equity value of MGON which is owned by our MSMY shareholders. It is important for our MC Endeavors/Room 21 Media shareholders to know that TheShare.TV is our largest publicly held client that is growing rapidly and will provide revenues to MC Endeavors, Inc. TheShare.TV needs the technology infrastructure of Room 21 Media. TheShare.TV/MGON will continue rely on Room 21 Media as its largest platform provider and vendor to continuously provide network content for its advertisers, sponsors and all types of commerce which brings additional income and revenue to Room 21 Media.  In our business model, MC Endeavors, Inc. owns 2 very important aspects of TheShare.TV/MGON: 1) 51% of All Voting Rights and 2) The ability to mold MGON into a healthy viable company for which all MSMY shareholder will benefit. The final MGON share structure will deservedly benefit MC Endeavor shareholders for bringing the "dead company" back to life. Our corporate and legal team have the experience as proven with the clean up of MC Endeavors, Inc., the same team of experts will do the same for MGON and create a structure that benefits the owners of Megola, Inc. which is MC Endeavors/Room 21 Media."

Mr. Stippick added, "Regarding our last Information Disclosure Statement and the comments regarding outstanding "toxic" notes, I want to re-iterate that we will NOT be taking any toxic "death spiral" notes. Our team has worked too hard for many years and we refuse to take money on bad terms. We'd rather make the success happen the "good ol' fashion way", sell our products and rely on our revenues.  From time to time, we will use our shares as currency to obtain financing as that is normal for any public company. All of our investors are friends and family that believe in our long term growth.  Furthermore, as per our legal counsel, any restricted shares of a former shell must be held for two years. Period. So, it simply isn't possible to convert restricted shares of a former shell into free trading for at least two years. A company that has been designated as a shell is now required to have a two year hold on the restricted shares." 

Mr. Stippick concludes, "This is truly an amazing time for our company and the shareholders of MC Endeavors as we move forward into generating income revenue from the products and companies that we have created.  I personally want to thank each shareholder whether cheerleader or critic. Our "cheerleaders" give us encouragement and strength and the "critics" have challenged us to be better than we ever could have thought! With our new income generating Room 21 Media Platform modules, upcoming Mobile App, and launch of TheShare.TV, we firmly believe we have a bright future ahead."

About MC Endeavors, Inc. /Room 21 Media

MC Endeavors, Inc. (OTC:MSMY), an innovator in social commerce platforms, is committed to becoming a leading global social video commerce company that utilizes a single core platform, Room 21™, to produce, distribute, and monetize online communities for individuals and businesses that interact with industries ranging from industrial business to healthcare to entertainment.

About TheShare.TV

TheShare.TV is a subsidiary of MC Endeavors, Inc., and is the first and only network channel for addiction treatment and recovery lifestyles. The network is developing, producing, and distributing original addiction treatment and sober lifestyle television programming to a worldwide audience. The original programming promotes long term recovery, inspiration, and awareness through education, support, music and entertainment. For more information, please visit

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