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Extracon Science Launches EngageMode App to Help Employers and Employees Manage Smartphone Distraction on the Job


MEMPHIS, TN, Aug. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Extracon Science, LLC, a leading provider of employee wellness programs and apps, today announced the launch of EngageMode, an app to address smartphone distraction in the workplace. 

 "EngageMode is the employer's way to help their employees be smarter about smartphones," explained Extracon Science founder Jesse Hercules. "After ten years helping employees change health habits, we knew the solution would look more like a Fitbit than a firewall."

EngageMode gives employees the data on their smartphone use at work, so they can see how often they're being interrupted and how much time they use the smartphone.  They can earn points and badges for the time they keep the phone locked.  The goal is to help employees manage their own smartphone use. 

"We're using the power of data to create a win/win:  happier and more productive employees, and one less thing for employers to manage," Hercules explained. "We want to empower employees with the knowledge and tools they need, and make sure good habits get rewarded."

EngageMode has been developed by Extracon Science from its expertise in providing technology and gamification for employee wellness for Fortune 500 companies, Health Plans and businesses since 2007. And feedback from early EngageMode adopters is encouraging.

"We're looking at making it a part of our employee wellness program," said Erica Porterfield at Confluence Health in central Washington State. "It makes improving your smartphone habits like a game - with points, badges and competitions.    We can run an EngageMode program that's purely voluntary, fun and engaging for employees, and protects employee privacy."

"Will Frazier at Memphis Research Group said, "This is a great idea.  Give people the data on their own smartphone use, along with tips and tools to take control of their phone habits."

And Shane Luttrell at Autonomy Medical said EngageMode has been an effective tool for him. "It was a big surprise to look at my EngageMode data!  Some of my most important work was getting interrupted by emails and phone calls that were a lot less important.  Now I block off times for focused work and use my phone settings to make sure I'm not interrupted."

More information about EngageMode is available at

About Extracon Science

Extracon Science, LLC is a privately held, Tennessee-based company operating from headquarters offices in Memphis, Tennessee. Its employee wellness tools have been used by employers nationwide for more than a decade. To learn more about Extracon Science, please check us out at

For additional information about EngageMode, you can watch a short video or read our eBook.  You can download and try the EngageMode app by searching for "EngageMode" from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

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