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VES® Falcon is a Revolution – and Revelation – for Those With Low Vision


Chapel Hill, N.C. , Aug. 22, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- For individuals with a visual impairment, either acquired or from a genetic disorder, the world is a blur. Normal everyday activities—seeing faces, reading, shopping, working, traveling—can be a challenge. Low vision impacts quality of life and has been shown to effect emotional well-being. In youth, visual cues can be missed that are important for their healthy social development.

Falcon AF
Falcon AF is the next-generation bioptic telescope for closest-to-natural, hands-free enhanced vision.

Following six years of research and development, Ocutech this week announced the launch of its next-generation autofocusing bioptic telescope, the VES Falcon. The Falcon is in initial limited release with select low-vision specialists in the United States and will be available to all low-vision prescribers in the fall.

Ocutech's revolutionary advancements in autofocusing make the Falcon radically different from other low-vision aids. Time of flight – the time taken for the Falcon to "acquire" a subject and automatically focus on it – measures distance at the speed of light. Subjects from about a foot away to infinity will be immediately and effortlessly clear, allowing users to experience the closest thing to normal eyesight. And, where permitted and properly licensed, users may even be able to drive.

The Falcon Bioptic Telescope attaches directly to the top of a pair of glasses allowing the user to alternate between their normal vision and the magnified view with just a slight tilt of the head. It is lightweight at just over three ounces, comfortable to wear, and can operate for up to eight hours on a single charge. Most important, unlike low-vision aids based upon virtual reality glasses, it does not cover the eyes and close in the wearer, making its use much more natural. It allows the wearer to make eye contact with friends, family and companions while at the same time allowing them to make eye contact with the user.

The Falcon's suggested patient price is $3,900 excluding customization costs and professional fees.

Ocutech is a pioneer in the development of telescopic low vision aids, including the world's only autofocusing bioptic telescope, proven effective in NIH-funded clinical studies. As part of those studies, company co-founder Dr. Henry Greene also developed the first clinical protocol for determining a prognosis for prescribing bioptic telescopes. He also originated concepts to aid the professional community in understanding the impact of visual impairment on socialization and emotional well-being.  

"Ocutech has been a leader in innovation and development of bioptic telescopes," said Melissa Chun, O.D., Associate Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology at UCLA and director of the Vision Rehabilitation Center at the Stein Eye Institute. "They have been a great help to so many of my patients, and I am eager to see the role the Falcon will play in my practice."

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About Ocutech
Ocutech is a technology-driven company dedicated to the development of advanced, high-quality telescopic low vision aids for the visually impaired. Founded in Chapel Hill, N.C. in 1984, the company's innovative bioptic telescopes are prescribed by low vision specialists throughout the world.


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