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Daniels Corporate Advisory Company, Inc. ("DCAC") Announces Its Premier Subsidiary Deal is Operational and Profitable


FOREST HILLS, N.Y., Aug. 14, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via OTC PR WIRE -- The Senior Management of Daniels Corporate Advisory Company, Inc. ("DCAC") in conjunction with the Operating Management Team of its Premier Subsidiary, Payless Truckers, Inc. is pleased to announce the subsidiary model has been implemented and is generating revenue and positive EBITDA.  Payless Truckers, Inc. is the first of many subsidiary development deals to come.  The most promising will be brought public under the Daniels incubator umbrella. The Payless Truckers deal was chosen the premier deal because its significant earning power potential alone, after one year of operating at the projected operating levels, should give Daniels ("DCAC") the consolidated earnings to meet a major financial requirement for up-listing to a major Stock Exchange.  Projections for the Payless subsidiary call for positive EBITDA of approximately $1,175,000 over the next twelve months providing all the financing necessary is raised.  This conclusion is based upon the leveraging of very limited current working capital being able to generate Payless start-up sales of approximately $655,000 and positive EBITDA of $120,000, prior to finance costs. 

Payless Truckers, Inc.  is an early-stage operating company.  It has an exciting business model that produces significant earnings potential.  Payless has two business segments - the first, a "rent/lease to own model" that allows a sub-prime credit trucker with a solid driving record to haul for large trucking companies for a much larger payday than if he was receiving an employee paycheck from the same large outfits.  Rental/lease payments to Payless are made weekly at the rate of $750 per week for a total of $3,200 per month. The multi-generational-trucking family, that operates Payless and who also originated a wholesale buying group, gets their pick of the highest quality tractors for the best purchase prices which are deep discount from wholesale.  The corporate strategy business plan created and customized by parent and subsidiary management calls for the addition of 140 trucks to the rent/lease to own business segment during the first year of operation.  At the rate of 10-12 trucks per month, it is expected to take at least a full year to achieve that run-rate rental income.   Down payment amounts on each truck cover the working capital needs including all documentation, licenses, warranty extensions and necessary maintenance to place the truck on the road. 

The second business segment, the "flip" business, is operating and generating initial sales of $655,000 and positive EBITDA of $120,000 prior to financing costs.   Tractors are purchased, refurbished and sold for significant positive EBITDA potential.   The wholesale buying group, again, makes this possible by supplying the highest quality used tractors - the latest models with the lowest mileage and electronics - our maintenance facility provides what is needed including cosmetics, and then the tractor is advertised and sold.   

Planned expansion after the first year of operation could be through joint-venture with top maintenance operations in hub cities across the United States for cross-selling opportunities. 

The Payless model is expected to generate immediate positive cash-flow in both of its two business segments and is expected to be asset-rich as well.  The subsidiary company is seeking $5 - $6 Million in secured debt financing that can be amortized over a 48-month period at a 20% APR interest rate.  In order for the individual investor to participate and benefit from this type of financing, we are incorporating a Truck Buying Trust within the Payless Subsidiary.  As a separate incorporated entity, the Trust will hold the Trucks for the benefit of the trust investors and it will be subject solely to the financing of the trust entity.  This financing includes direct debt financing and convertible preferred stock.  The senior management of the Parent ("DCAC") and the operating management of Payless will manage the Trust, and purchase and place the 140 trucks at the rate of 10-12 trucks every month for a year. The monthly truck purchases are expected to have a total monthly capital cost of $500,000 including working capital. 

The Truck Trust will be the financing vehicle owned by Payless. It is being established solely to hold assets for the benefit of those investors providing financing so that a portfolio of trucks can be purchased and shared.  Plans are to raise 30% to 50% of the $5-$6 Million with Convertible Preferred Stock paying the same 20% interest as the secured debt.   The Convertible Preferred Stock will have covenants to create a secure non-debt investment similiar in nature to a secondary, junior lien on the Truck assets and cash flow.  The creation of the Preferred will help DCAC toward its goal to achieve the $4 Million net worth minimum necessary to apply for major Stock Exchange listing.  The Preferred structure will also allow the Company one of several options of raising the balance of the funding needed  - from straight debt lenders with whom we have already held discussions.  This ability to use limited leverage to increase the return on investment is expected to bring in the individual investor as well as the institution.  The trust for ownership of the trucks is being established so that an investor can own part of a diversified portfolio of high-income assets paying 20% interest and not just one truck or part of one with the inherent risks associated with a highly concentrated investment in one asset. The title/ownership of the trucks and any net insurance proceeds for loss of any kind on any truck will be the property of the trust after redemption of any straight debt financing having senior ownership position on the vehicle.  

DCAC has the potential for creating multiple ways of making money.  DCAC shareholders have the potential growth in DCAC; they are invited and have the chance to participate in the Truck Trust and earn 20% APR per annum.  Their participation in the Trust could help achieve the earnings growth necessary to meet the up listing requirement of a major Stock Exchange.  Ultimately, they will receive shares of Payless Truckers, Inc. when it is brought public via spin-off or by alternate means.  The Economy is working with us in this quest. Please review the link:

Our Premier Subsidiary Deal -  Payless Truckers, is a deal that could achieve our projection numbers for up-listing with rather limited capital and is being launched instead of paying big multiples for an acquisition. 

Forward Looking Statement:  Except for historical information, some of the expectations and assumptions contained in this Press Release are forward-looking statements. Such forward looking statements, including, but not limited to completion of the company's financing package, involve risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from such statements expressed or implied herein.  Factors that might cause such a difference include the Company's ability to implement its Business Plan. As a result, this press release should be read in conjunction with the Company's periodic filings with the Securities & Exchange Commission. 

Arthur D. Viola
Chairman & CEO.
Daniels Corporate Advisory Co. Inc. 
(917) 617 - 5445

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