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CHAOEX First Anniversary,New Opportunity Drives Big Progress


Hong Kong, Aug. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- About CHAOEX


CHAOEX (CHAOEX.COM) was founded by Unique Network Technology (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd, an invested by company of XYHJ Network Technology (Hong Kong) Co. Ltd, which is a blockchain asset trading service platform for global traders. Headquartered in Hong Kong, China. The preparatory work for the CHAOEX platform began in May 2017. In order to ensure the smoothness of transactions and the security of user assets, the underlying architecture of the platform was independently developed. The platform began operations in August last year and completed Pre-A Round financing in March this year.


August 1st is the one-year anniversary of the CHAOEX platform. According to Mr. Wang, CEO of CHAOEX, in order to improve the user experience and quantify the trading level of the platform, the speculator team is working with two blockchain companies to do the new platform research and development. The new platform is expected to meet with users in a few months. "We can't deny that there are many problems with the current CHAOEX platform. The historical reasons are not traceable. Now the whole team has re-planned the development direction, although the new platform still takes several months to shape. For start-ups, such time Cost and capital investment are undoubtedly huge, but we are willing to make efforts for the future development of the platform," Mr. Wang claimed.


First anniversary, CHAOEX platform welfare delivery

On the first anniversary, the CHAOEX platform will launch a series of welfare activities to give back to the support of new and old users for one year.

  1. A one-month New Users Referral Awards (The following is from the official announcement of CHAOEX)

Users Referral Awards:

Each user of CHAOEX platform will be rewarded 12 CHEX for inviting a new user and additional 600 CHEX for each 50 invitees. New users just need 3 steps to get total 38 CHEX and become old users to enjoy more bonus.


Newly registered users of CHAOEX who successfully complete KYC 2 verification will be rewarded with equivalent 1 USDT MGE,CAN,SNGLS(in random)


2. Trading Rewards

It is reported that CHAOEX platform cooperates with SAC, MGE, SNGLS, CAN project parties to carry out trading and reward-winning activities. Any users who hold ≥100CHEX on CHAOEX platform can participate in the Trading Rewards activities. The platform will set the minimum transaction amount of per order and rank based on total number of users' transactions. User can win the popular token.


3.PFR Airdrop

The European project PFR selected CHAOEX as the first platform in the Asia-Pacific region. New users who register for CHAOEX during the period from August 8, 2018 to September 8, 2018, will be rewarded with PFR airdrop, and share 50,000 PFR.

1.         The users need to deposit no less than 100 USDT equivalent PFR.

2.         Users must complete at least KYC Level 2 verification.


About CHAOEX Future Development:

Chairman of CHAOEX mentioned in the online video streaming on August 2: "Compliance and innovation are the main directions for the future development of CHAOEX. Currently we are applying for exchange licenses in European countries, and we are working with a bank for diversified business development. The team jointly developed the 'Super Exchange' project and believes that in the near future everyone will see a new and powerful CHAOEX.

The capital market is a double-edged sword. The complex industry environment is hidden behind the opportunities and challenges. We are looking forward to the rise of the new power of the currency circle, and we are expecting more "conscience" exchanges to play a positive role in forming good industry atmosphere!


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