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Live Roads, a pioneer in navigation technology, launches in Europe


TORONTO, Aug. 08, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Following its successful launch in North America, Live Roads is announcing its European launch today on the Google Play Store.

HD & SD Maps
Comparison of HD vs SD maps in the Live Roads app. Live Roads merges the experience.

Picture in Picture Dual Map Mode
Live Roads amazing dual map picture in picture (PIP) live view. We offer our users the experience of of HD and SD maps all at the same time.

The highly-acclaimed app takes GPS to the next level by providing users with access to HD maps and lane-level navigation, while creating an immersive and accurate navigation experience.

For this release, Live Roads now includes European HD maps and, by popular demand from its tens of thousands of loyal users, walking and bicycling directions. By featuring real 3D cars, bikes, avatars, and HD maps, the app empowers users with a personalized and fun navigation experience far exceeding any other contemporary navigation app. 

Key features of the new release include:

  • 3D Characters & Avatars – Choose from a free list of 3D cars, bicycles, and personal avatars to fully express your digital self. The 3D characters are fully animated to better mimic your actual movements in the real world.
  • Live Traffic Reports – All users have access to live traffic information at a glance. Quickly see the status of all roads in the vicinity.
  • Picture-In-Picture (PIP) Maps – Users can see both HD and SD Maps at the same time for a higher level of detail and accuracy while navigating.
  • Sharing Live Location with Friends – Users can share their exact location and estimated time of arrival with other approved users as well as be able to report accidents, construction and other incidents in real-time.

"Live Roads allows for an accurate and intimate experience when navigating in the real world," said Paul Konieczny, Founder and CEO of Live Roads. "By giving users the option to choose and personalize their 3D digital self, Live Roads is gamifying the navigation experience and providing users with a fun and accurate way to get from A to B."

Live Roads will be available on iOS later this summer and will be adding additional features, including lane-level traffic, which will provide users with live traffic updates surrounding them lane by lane and which route is best to take in real time. For more information on Live Roads, please visit:

About Live Roads
Founded in 2016, Live Roads brings the navigation and driving experience into the 21st century and beyond. The Live Roads team is passionate about driving and discovering exciting new ways to integrate immersive technology with the driver. The company continually strives to bring the best possible navigating experience by providing the user with timely and relevant information in an innovative and exciting manner. The Live Roads team consists of imaginative and driven individuals out to change the way you navigate. For more information, visit

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