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Block chain for content platform empowerment, Amigo help user experience Optimization


BEIJING, Aug. 01, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- People are no longer satisfied with the survival and security needs of Maslow's demand curve, but are eager to pursue self-realization and self-improvement. Under the development of market copyright protection and new payment models, people's consumption concepts have changed and they are willing to pay for premium content. Fanseco foundation of Amigo sees the development opportunities of the content industry in China and the world, and uses block chain technology to empower the content platform. It is understood that the application will be landed within 6 months to launch a high quality user experience product.

Support the creation of IP certification, Amigo system enhances content creation power.

When the content platform is connected to Amigo system, creators can create their own IP certification on the block chain to maximize the value of their fans.

The review is handed over to the recipient, Amigo system repairs the platform credit system.

In the centralized content platform, content review is mostly in the hands of the platform, which can't meet the desired content of the creator and the recipient's demand for quality content, there is a crisis of trust. After accessing the Amigo system, the platform delegates the right of review to the content recipient, who decides which content is presented and which content is placed.

With the block chain influence token mechanism, Amigo gives recipients and creators more authority, all data will be stored in the block chain and open publicly to ensure the right to know every creator and recipient.

Focus on two-way incentives, Amigo system allows users and platforms to grow together.

Amigo provides a two-way incentive mechanism for content creators and recipients in the spirit of enabling users and platforms to grow together.

By providing the influence token and the corresponding creator's IP certification, the content recipient can not only transform its own influence token into the platform rights and interests, but also obtain the IP certification of the corresponding content through the action of point praise.

After the content platform is embedded in the Amigo system, it will fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the content creators and recipients to optimize the user experience, and make the platform more transparent and attractive.

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