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NASGO Joins World Leading Media & Technology at The United Nations on September 6 to Advance Social Change at the Media for Social Impact Summit


In a move that underscores the growing power of media and technology to
drive social change, Media for Social Impact (,
an initiative from United Nations Office for Partnerships (
and PVBLIC Foundation (,
a global media organization with 1,000 partners, will hold its fifth
annual invitation-only Summit at the United Nations on Sept. 6, with a
theme of Data for Good.

The Media for Social Impact Summit is an exclusive invitation-only
event that unites the top media and technology leaders with United
Nations executives and communications specialists to highlight the power
of media and technology to drive social change and build lasting
partnerships that further the Sustainable Development Goals.

Organized by the United Nations Office for Partnerships & PVBLIC
Foundation, the summit showcases innovative social campaigns and
movements through keynotes, interviews, case studies and roundtables and
provides a unique opportunity for delegates to network and learn from
the brightest minds in media and build lasting partnerships that further
social progress.

the leading provider of a fast-growing decentralized blockchain
application platform is joining with Media for Social Impact at the
event to advance the availability of dAPP applications for every
organization as a means of making this new technology available to all,
and especially to advance the power of tokenization to support
humanitarian and philanthropy goals.

At the event, NASGO will demonstrate how it is working with platforms
like Do Something Athletic (DSA) and the crowd management platform
Crowdaa helping celebrities such as rising recording artist Jafaar
Jackson (nephew of Michael Jackson) to tokenize his upcoming album
release. In a move the company believes will become pervasive for many
artists, the company will assist Jackson in the creation of a uniquely
branded digital token for use in rewarding VIP and loyal customers with
branded merchandise, priority seating and early release of upcoming
materials and tour.

Jackson will participate in the Sept. 6 Summit to discuss the ways he
plans to use this technology to support and advance social causes, and
to continue the social impact legacy begun by Michael Jackson, as an
individual who has served as one of the world's most influential
advocates for social impact during his life.

"We are excited about the partnership with NASGO and DSA to provide more
support with our youth programs and make a much bigger impact on the
future of our communities," says Jimmy Thomas, Founder of DSA.

"We are extremely pleased for the opportunity to bring blockchain
capabilities into the realm of social impact in such a significant way,
thanks to the efforts of Media for Social Impact and the dedication of
celebrities and artists like Jafaar," Co-Founder, Eric Tippetts said.

"Our Foundation welcomes NASGO and the leadership role they have
embraced in how they use their technology to drive social change," said
Sergio Fernandez de Cordova, Chairman of the PVBLIC Foundation. "The
2018 Media for Social Impact is a venue where we celebrate leadership
and pioneers in driving impact through media in their areas of work,
using public relations tools to communicate the SDGs, uniting women
worldwide to speed up change, ensuring women's land rights and gender
justice, empowering journalists in Africa, uniting people by using
innovative technology, encouraging environmental protection to driving
local, national and global advocacy. Their passion and vision are
helping build awareness and creating better technologies for a better

Through keynote addresses, interviews, and case studies, the #MFSI2018
will showcase the most innovative and successful social campaigns of the
past year. The program also provides a unique opportunity to network,
and learn, alongside some the brightest minds in media and technology.

This year's program seeks to inspire new media campaigns and commitments
around pressing global issues; with a special focus on the
implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals with technology and
the use of data to amplify those efforts.

Executives from advertising, media, film, journalism, big data,
technology, and entertainment industries play an increasingly vital role
in shaping public opinion and transforming society. The 2018 Media for
Social Impact Summit will provide a platform for these stakeholders to
join the common global effort to impact the world through their
respective industries.

is provider of the fast-growing blockchain application platform (dAPP).
NASGO was launched in early 2018 by serial entrepreneurs Eric Tippetts
and Stephen Jiang and markets its services to small-to-medium
enterprises through a network of 4,000 representatives. As a company,
NASGO is dedicated to advancing cryptocurrency and Blockchain as an
established industry. The company is striving to make digital currency
accessible and available to all, and to advance the ability and use of
the blockchain for advancing humanitarian and philanthropy goals

About Do Something Athletic (DSA) and Crowdaa

is a youth sports mobile and web base platform that connects Athletes,
Parents, Coaches and Fans so that they can communicate, share, educate
and be entertained with all things related to youth sports. Crowdaa is a
crowd management application and platform that allow content creators to
engage, interact and receive revenue from their crowd and fanbase,
giving the power directly back to the artist. For more information about
Crowdaa, visit


PVBLIC is a global organization that is working to advance the power of
the media to enact social change. The organization includes more than
1,000 media partners that have launched more than 100 campaigns across
50 countries and 5 continents. The Media for Social Impact Summit, a
PVBLIC initiative, is an exclusive, invitation-only, event that unites
representatives of leading media and technology companies, with senior
UN executives and communications specialists, in an effort to highlight
the power of media and technology to drive social change. Event
information can be found at

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