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World Biotech Flavors Report 2017 with Profiles of Sentient Food, Bell Flavors & Fragrances, FRUTAROM Industries & Sigma Aldrich -


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The world Biotech Flavors Market report is an extensive study based upon
a large programme of interviews throughout the industry. This study
provides a global view of the biotech flavors market. It starts with a
scientific background and the supporting studies as well as process of
production. Application segments and usage of ingredients constitute
also a main part of the report as well as the market trends. The report
also offers information about the main market players.

In the past few years, the availability and use of natural flavors have
greatly increased since synthetic flavors have been considered
responsible for numerous health disorders, undesirable taste and
regulation's issues. More and more consumers show a growing phobia
toward synthetic flavors and consequently ask for natural food flavors.
As a result, food manufacturers are progressively tending to use natural
flavors and there is an increasing interest in exploring newer natural
extracts and developing new strategies to obtain highly stable natural
labelled flavors such as biotechnological routes.

The market research starts with an executive summary that recaps the
main points of focus in the report. As for the next sections, we
enumerate the different applications of biotech flavors and we show the
flavors' consumption by region. The report also describes the scientific
aspect of the processes producing biotech flavors (enzymatic and
microbial processes).

Moreover, trends hold an important volume of this report on biotech
flavors. The legal status part reviews the regulation status of the
different flavors used into the various applications in the different
parts of the world (Europe, US, Canada, UK, China). There's also a whole
section dedicated to the patents. In the final part of the report, UBIC
will use its knowledge to provide informations regarding the main
producers of flavors with a particular focus on biotech flavors'

In fact, a whole section of the report is consecrated to detailed
company profiles of companies including: Sentient Food. (SXT) (USA),
Bell Flavors & Fragrances, INC (USA) FRUTAROM Industries Ltd. (IL),
Sigma Aldrich (DE), etc.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Executive Summary

2. Global Market

3. Carrying Segments For Biotech Flavors

4. The Global Flavors Market Analysis By Region

5. The European Market

6. Flavor Trends And Scientific Scanning

7. Production Process

8. Product Overview: Scientific Background

9. Regulation Framework

10. Patents

11. New Possible Developments

12. Industrial Players

13. Flavors Associations And Organizations In The World

14. Experts' Advice

Companies Mentioned

  • Bell Flavors & Fragrances INC (USA)
  • FRUTAROM Industries Ltd. (IL)
  • Sentient Food. (SXT) (USA)
  • Sigma Aldrich (DE)

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