Market Overview – What Is Mine Is Yours – Launches as the First Nationwide Neighbor-to-Neighbor Online Rental Community


Provides Platform to Earn Cash, Spend Less, Reduce Waste, and
Build Community
is the latest social sharing platform, following in the footsteps of
Uber and Airbnb. From tools and camping equipment to baby products and
musical equipment, neighbors can now rent items to and from each other.

"So many people have products that they don't often use and yet don't
want to sell," says Rhonda Harper, Whimiy Founder & CEO. "And, often
people want an item for only a short period of time so it doesn't make
sense to purchase. The sharing economy is here to stay and Whimiy is the
first one for items in your household, garage, and storage unit."

"With Whimiy, your clutter becomes your inventory. Your storage unit
becomes your warehouse!" Harper says with a smile. "Ironically, as the
former Chief Marketing Officer of Sam's Club, I used to promote buying
in bulk. Now, I encourage you not to buy at all!"

Reducing waste and protecting our environment is a benefit of Whimiy.
Continues Harper, "Not only does renting reduce consumer waste, Whimiy
donates 5% of net proceeds to non-profits that help to protect our

Becoming a Whimiy member is free and always will be. Owners decide how
much to charge, the duration of the rental period, and any additional
terms and conditions. When a member rents an item, Whimiy simply
collects a small 10% commission on the rental transaction.

About Whimiy LLC

Headquartered in Dallas and launched in 2018, Whimiy LLC is a technology
platform that enables a sharing economy through neighbor-to-neighbor
rental transactions. Founded by successful serial entrepreneur Rhonda
Harper, Whimiy is the first and only nationwide online rental community.

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