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Global Robo-Advisor Benchmarking 2017: Mostly a One-trick Pony - Identifies 31 Leading Pure & Hybrid Robo-Advisors Worldwide -


The "Global
Robo-Advisor Benchmarking 2017 - Mostly a One-trick Pony"

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This report identifies 31 leading pure and hybrid robo-advisors
worldwide and subjects their offerings, digital platforms and market
positioning to rigorous empirical assessment.

It analyzes in detail the strengths and weaknesses of each robo-advisor
according to more than 50 criteria under the following headline topics:
client onboarding, financial planning, portfolio management, client
coaching, client engagement & retention, and best practices.

Of the global sample of robo-advisors, 13 are from the US, Canada and
Brazil, 15 are from eight European countries, and three are from the
Asia-Pacific region and Africa.

This report offers a detailed and comprehensive look at leading
robo-advisors and automated investment services worldwide and derives
highly valuable learning points. It analyzes what is necessary to
succeed as a robo-advisor and how traditional financial services firms
can react to the ever-growing robo-advisor challenge.

In addition, this report includes profiles of seven B2B providers, 20
best practices showing the robos' most interesting features for all
functional areas, and in-depth insights on the market's trends and
developments from the interviews analysts conducted with robo-advisors
and industry experts.

Key Topics Covered

1. Executive Summary

2. Ranking

3. Methodology

4. Strategy

5. Summary of Findings

6. Profiles

  1. BMO SmartFolio
  2. Bambu
  3. Betasmartz
  4. Capital One Investing
  5. Fintego
  6. Ginmon
  7. Hedgeable
  8. Ignition Wealth
  9. Indexa Capital
  10. InvestCloud
  11. LIQID
  12. Magnetis
  13. Moneyfarm
  14. Nest Wealth
  15. NetWealth
  16. Nutmeg
  17. Personal Capital
  18. Polaris
  19. Scalable Capital
  20. Schwab Intelligent Portfolios
  21. Smartly
  22. Sygnia
  23. True Wealth
  24. UBS SmartWealth
  25. VZ Finanzportal
  26. Vaamo
  27. Vanguard
  28. Wahed
  29. WeSave
  30. Wealth Horizon
  31. Wealth Simple
  32. Wealthbar
  33. Wealthfront
  34. Betterment
  35. Click & Invest

7. Best Practices

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