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Libre Wireless Technologies Powers Award-Winning ADX Inc. RIVA Branded Wireless Speakers With Latest Amazon Alexa Built-In Features


Wireless Technologies, Inc.
a leading embedded Wireless Voice/AI
solutions provider, announced the RIVA CONCERT and RIVA STADIUM
speakers, based on a partnership between Libre Wireless and RIVA Audio,
the lifestyle brand of Audio Design Experts, Inc. (ADX). Both speakers
integrate Amazon Alexa and are based on the award-winning ADX Trillium™
design, a proprietary audio technology that delivers a 300-degree sound
field without excessive compression to allow a true reproduction of the
musical content. This combination of premium audio quality and voice
control provides users with a more natural, convenient listening
experience. With Alexa built-in, you can play music, hear the news,
control smart home devices, utilize tens of thousands of skills, and
more – all you need to do is ask.

RIVA's world-class team, led by Founder and Chief Creative Officer,
Rikki Farr, and Don North, President and Chief Engineer, has created
excellence with each product design, leveraging Rikki's legacy in the
music industry, RIVA's engineering legacy and the experience the team
members bring from their time with global brands.

With its new line of Alexa built-in speakers, RIVA has raised the bar by
integrating voice control and high-resolution WiFi streaming, including
for multi-device, multi-room and multi-space indoor/outdoor operation
(coming soon). The RIVA Voice Series provides seamless wireless
connectivity and media streaming experiences by utilizing Libre's
industry-leading LibreSync
technology for Alexa voice capabilities, and RIVA's patented Trillium™
audio technology for stereophonic sound from a single speaker.

"The collaboration between Amazon, RIVA and Libre has developed a
musical product that is so compelling when you listen, you can hear the
future," said Rikki Farr, Chairman and Chief Creative Officer at ADX,

"The RIVA CONCERT and STADIUM speakers balance premium sound with smart,
voice-focused features," said Priya Abani, Director of the Alexa Voice
Service. "We're excited to work with RIVA and Libre to bring listeners a
simple, natural way to engage with their music and more."

"The DNA of the RIVA founders is quite unique combining advanced
high-end audio technology with direct music industry experience for live
audio events and recordings with ties to some of the industry's most
renowned artists," says Hooman
, Chief Executive Officer of Libre Wireless Technologies.
"Working with Rikki, Don, Tony and their team at ADX has been an
absolute pleasure and a unique journey which we are all very proud to be
part of at Libre Wireless. Working with Amazon, we have created an
advanced product for experiencing music in a very unique way, inside the
home and outside the home. Each speaker utilizes ADX's Trillium
technology, Libre's indoor/outdoor multi-space streaming technology
(DDMS) and the Amazon Alexa Voice Service to deliver an incredible music
listening experience."

The RIVA CONCERT and RIVA STADIUM speakers are expected in retail in
September 2018 initially offered in US, UK and German markets.

About Libre Wireless Technologies, Inc.

Wireless Technologies
has extensive expertise and experience in
developing WiFi/Wireless technologies with IoT, Media streaming and
voice interface/control software and SDK platforms, electronic modules
and RF/antenna design solutions. The Libre team has deep WiFi/BT
technology, IoT and A/V system design experience combined with world
wide sales, technical support and design partnerships. The LibreSync
platform incorporates unique media streaming technology, scalable
mic-to-cloud voice processing modules, broad mobile platform ecosystem
support, seamless interoperability, scalable price/performance solution
options, optimized and flexible WiFi/Bluetooth options (1x1 11n, 2x2
11n, 11n/ac) and extensive system level features. Optimized for
performance, power, size and cost, LibreSync solutions provide ODM's and
CE Brand customers with the most complete, flexible and ecosystem
leading Smart Home, voice and media streaming platform available.

About RIVA Audio

RIVA Audio was born from a simple yet powerful idea: That legendary
audio guru Rikki Farr (Chairman of ADX™) coupled with passionate
designers, patent awarded engineers, pioneering rock 'n' rollers and
leaders from the world of commerce could create a real alternative to
much of today's over processed audio. RIVA designs award winning audio
products by combining the very best components with the true art of
audio tuning for people who are passionate about music and are seeking
great performance, value and enhancement of their modern lifestyle. RIVA
is a philosophy, a bold new standard and a defiant rejection of the idea
that people can't afford great audio and therefore must accept the bland
experience of today's tin-can wireless speakers. RIVA is headquartered
in Southern California where they create and design their RIVA family of
products. For more information about RIVA, please visit
or connect with us at,,,
Google +,,

About Audio Design Experts, Inc.

ADX™ is committed to re-inventing the way people think about high
performance audio. Through ADX's™ innovative designs, intellectual
property, esteemed partners, and years of creative experience, the
company is able to develop truly cutting-edge, hardware and
software-based audio solutions that fit within a customer's budget.

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