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ADx Healthcare Launches New Alzheimer's Genetic Test in Partnership with Helix


ADx Healthcare, a physician-owned provider of Alzheimer's
disease-related testing, today announced the launch of its Alzheimer's
Disease APOE genetic test in partnership with Helix, a personal genomics
company. The first product to be available on the Helix store is a
US-based, physician-approved, single gene test that reports on each
separate variant of the APOE gene: e2, e3 and e4. Individuals can now
purchase this Alzheimer's-related genetic test online and under the
supervision and guidance of a licensed physician and genetic counselor.

"We seek to break new ground in the fight against Alzheimer's disease by
giving those who are interested in learning about their own risk access
to purchase a doctor-approved, genetic counselor-supported test," said
Marci Hardy, PhD, ADx Healthcare Director of Health Sciences. "We want
to unlock information related to the potential of preventive medicine in
Alzheimer's disease through earlier availability of information and a
focus on personal utility. It's not just about knowing your risk. We
want customers to take steps to reduce their risk."

APOE is the single-most dominant genetic risk factor for late-onset
Alzheimer's disease. One variant of the gene, the APOE-e4 allele, is
known to be a higher-risk variant. The details of exactly how ApoE-e4
increases the risk for Alzheimer's disease are still being worked out,
but the fact that it does increase risk is well established. The
presence of a single ApoE-e4 (reported, for example, as e3/e4) increases
an individual's risk for Alzheimer's disease about 3- to 4-fold, and the
presence of two e4s (e4/e4) increases the risk about 12- to 14-fold.1
In contrast to the e4, the e2 version is associated with reduced risk
for Alzheimer's disease.

The personal utility for anyone who is interested in this information
can be very valuable; knowing your risk allows you to make informed life
choices, including taking opportunities to engage in potentially
risk-reducing actions such as clinical trials, early stage drugs, or
lifestyle choices that may preserve brain health.

The test will take advantage of Helix's proprietary Exome+ assay
processed in their CLIA and CAP certified next-generation sequencing

Ryan Fortna, MD, PhD, ADx Healthcare's Chief Scientific Officer, shared,
"I believe that everyone has a right to understand his or her own
genetic makeup, with appropriate physician and/or genetic counseling
oversight to ensure that the information is understood in an appropriate
way. The medical community and our society in general are increasingly
recognizing the value of genetics as a powerful predictor of disease
risk, and the APOE gene has been well known for decades to be the most
important genetic risk factor for late-onset Alzheimer's disease,
occurring after age 65. I felt that it was important to make this test
available to everyone who wants it, and that it was important to provide
an option that includes appropriate medical oversight and genetic
counseling to ensure that all who take part in testing are able to fully
understand their results. Partnering with Helix allows us to bring this
testing to the consumer marketspace so individuals who want to learn
their genetic risk for Alzheimer's disease can gain access to testing
from the privacy of their own home. By providing physician oversight and
genetic counseling for each consumer, at no additional charge, we are
taking steps to ensure individuals understand the test and are supported
through receiving and interpreting their results."

The ADx Healthcare APOE Genetic Test is available for purchase through Helix's
online store
. All orders made through the Helix store will be
reviewed by an independent physician and genetic counseling network, to
ensure that the test is medically appropriate for the purchaser.
Purchasers will receive a secure electronic report they can open from
the privacy of their own home, along with actionable insights on
lifestyle factors related to brain health and Alzheimer's disease.

"Empowering every person with access to health insights from their DNA
is core to our mission," said Justin Kao, Helix co-founder and SVP. "We
are thrilled to partner with ADx Healthcare and are big believers in
their responsible approach to delivering impactful information, with
genetic counseling included as a core part of the product. We believe
that millions of people will benefit from this information."

About ADx Healthcare

ADx Healthcare provides laboratory test solutions and healthcare
education related to Alzheimer's disease. The company is headquartered
in Bellingham, WA.

Additional information is available by calling 855.514.2273, or at

1. Corder EH, et al. Gene dose of Apolipoprotein E type 4
allele and the risk of Alzheimer's disease in late onset families.
Science. 1993; 261: 921.

The APOE genetic test is a genetic assessment of Alzheimer's disease
risk. The test is not a diagnosis and finding you have a high-risk
variant of APOE does not automatically translate into a person getting
the disease. What the test does do is tell you is if you have low,
average, or high genetic risk associated with Alzheimer's disease.
Alzheimer's is a complicated disease caused by a convergence of factors
that go beyond genetics. Individuals concerned about memory problems
should schedule an appointment with their primary care physician to have
a comprehensive evaluation and possibly other diagnostic testing

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