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Global IntelliSystems Announces New Services Giving Marketers and Their IT Departments 24/7 End-to-End Security Oversight


Infrastructure Monitoring, Network Security, and System
Performance Are Now Critical to the Success of Email Marketing Campaigns

(Global), a leading US-based email/mobile marketing
and technology services company, announced today a suite of services to
help maximize deliverability for email marketers while providing
outside-looking-in security and performance monitoring for IT
departments. Marketing departments must now include IT in their
day-to-day discussions for successful campaigns. Network security,
device performance, and even third-party systems referenced in a message
all play a key role in successful email or mobile marketing campaigns.

"Many marketers do not know that a slight misconfiguration in a DNS or
malware-infected third-party URL referenced in a campaign will cause a
real decrease in deliverability without showing the cause. IT
departments are busy dealing with their day-to-day tasks and many don't
have time to examine all of the networks, devices, and websites email
messages touch. Today many ISPs, anti-spam, and anti-virus systems are
scanning messages, checking websites, examining DNS configurations, and
monitoring networks. If they find a misconfigured device, a suspicious
network, or problem URL they mark the offending item as untrusted and
deliverability takes an immediate hit. Marketers often assume a bad
response rate is due to poor subscriber engagement when the real issue
may be something only their IT department can fix," said John Brogan,
CEO of Global IntelliSystems.

Global now offers its clients a hands-off suite of network monitoring
and security/vulnerability analysis services tied directly into its
email and mobile marketing platform. "We routinely work directly with IT
departments so these services are an easy step forward for us and
provide valuable benefits to our clients," stated Brogan. "It is amazing
to see how many companies, even major retailers, have these security or
performance issues lasting for weeks, months, or even years. Degraded
deliverability will last until those hidden issues are resolved."

The monitoring and security services from Global are priced in
tier-levels from $195, $995, and $2995/month depending on the level of
services requested. Clients using email/mobile marketing services from
Global receive discounts based on their service usage. For pricing see


Global has been empowering its clients with advanced marketing
technologies for the past 16 years. With a fully customizable email and
mobile marketing platform along with its analytics and data services
team, clients of Global receive end-to-end coverage for all their
marketing needs. Staffed with experts with over 30 years of hands-on
email technology experience, Global brings its world class services to
companies ranging from large worldwide enterprises to small businesses.

For more information, visit

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