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Launching the Largest Database of Human Knowledge: Diffbot Knowledge Graph


Curated by AI, built for enterprise - Diffbot unlocks all of the
Web's knowledge, connected and linked into a structured, searchable

today announced the launch of Diffbot Knowledge Graph (DKG): all of the
knowledge on the Web, collected and connected into a single, structured
source of data, answers, insights, and truth. Using a sophisticated
combination of machine learning, computer vision, and natural language
processing, the DKG is a fully autonomous, AI-curated database of more
than 1 trillion facts and 10 billion entities. This represents a
repository of knowledge that is nearly 500 times larger than the Google
Knowledge Graph, and growing every day.

Diffbot is the first company to turn broad-application Artificial
Intelligence into a profitable business, powering applications for
customers including Salesforce, Cisco, eBay, Yandex, and more. Far from
a theoretical research project in search of a business application,
Artificial Intelligence is the backbone of Diffbot and the company uses
state of the art AI methods to deploy profitable products at scale while
also furthering the field by funding extensive research.

In contrast to other solutions marketed as Knowledge Graphs, the DKG is:

  • Fully autonomous and curated using Artificial Intelligence, unlike
    other knowledge graphs which are only partially autonomous and largely
    curated through manual labor.
  • Built specifically to provide knowledge as the end product, paid for
    and owned by the customer. No other company makes this available to
    their customers, as other knowledge graphs have been built to support
    ad-based search engine business models.
  • Web-wide, regardless of originating language. Diffbot technology can
    extract, understand, and make searchable any information in French,
    Chinese, and Cyrillic just as easily as English.
  • Constantly rebuilt, from scratch, which is critical to the business
    value of the DKG. This rebuilding process ensures that DKG data is
    fresh, accurate, and comprehensive.

Starting today, any business that wants instant access to all of the
world's knowledge can simply sign up for the DKG and turn the entire Web
into their personal database for business intelligence across:

  • People: skills, employment history, education, social profiles
  • Companies: rich profiles of companies and the workforce
    globally, from Fortune 500 to SMB's
  • Locations: mapping data, addresses, business types, zoning
  • Articles: Every news article, dateline, byline from anywhere on
    the Web, in any language
  • Products: pricing, specifications, and, reviews for
    every SKU across major ecommerce engines and individual retailers
  • Discussions: chats, social sharing, and conversations
    everywhere from article comments to web forums like Reddit
  • Images: billions of images on the web organized using image
    recognition and meta data collection

"A Web-wide, comprehensive, and interconnected Knowledge Graph has the
power to transform how enterprises do business. Google's ‘Knowledge
Graph' is little more than restructured Wikipedia facts with the
simplest, most narrow connections drawn between them and built solely to
serve advertisers," said Mike Tung, founder and CEO of Diffbot. "What
we've built is the first Knowledge Graph that organizations can use to
access the full breadth of information contained on the Web. Unlocking
that data and giving organizations instant access to those deep
connections completely changes knowledge-based work as we know it."

DKG data is easily accessible to businesses and can be integrated via
API into any internal business process or application, from business
intelligence and analytics to marketing campaigns and CRM systems. Users
can also create custom queries using Diffbot's DQL syntax. Users simply
enter a query and the DKG instantly generates a comprehensive set of
results with every single item on the internet that relates to it, with
links to all existing connections between those results. Results can be
viewed in a list, map or table layout, with the ability to easily expand
or refine results based on connections captured by the Knowledge Graph.

"Simply put, Diffbot is using the power of AI on a scale we've never
seen before," said Aydin Senkut, founder and managing director of
Felicis Ventures, one of Diffbot's investors. "It's the first profitable
AI company on record, they are the ‘secret ingredient' powering
applications from many of the largest companies in tech, and the launch
of the Knowledge Graph is going to further elevate Diffbot's status as a
clear leader in the space."

Companies interested in accessing the Diffbot Knowledge Graph can
contact Diffbot at
or visit

About Diffbot:

The first profitable AI startup on record, Diffbot provides
knowledge-as-a-service to power intelligent applications for some of the
world's most prolific tech companies. It uses AI, computer vision,
machine learning and natural language processing to provide businesses
and developers with tools to effectively extract and understand facts
from any web page. Diffbot also built the world's first true knowledge
graph, enabling businesses to extract valuable insights from all of the
information on the web in milliseconds. The company is based in Mountain
View, Calif.

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