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AspenTech Modernizes Global Data Backup and Recovery Strategy with ExaGrid


System provides high efficiency at a lower cost

a leading provider of hyper-converged secondary storage for backup,
today announced that AspenTech,
the asset optimization software company, has modernized its backup and
recovery environment globally by replacing its tape libraries with
ExaGrid disk-based
backup systems
in conjunction with Veeam
Availability Suite

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(Photo: AspenTech)

(Photo: AspenTech)

AspenTech, headquartered in the U.S., Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is
a leading software supplier that optimizes asset performance in complex,
industrial environments with software and insights that run assets
faster, safer, longer, and greener. Its integrated solutions for
capital-intensive industries optimize assets across the design,
operations, and maintenance lifecycle, which automates knowledge work
and builds sustainable competitive advantage.

Migrating backups from AspenTech's Quantum tape libraries and Dell EMC
NetWorker to ExaGrid and Veeam has resulted in many substantial
improvements in its backup and recovery environment, including:

  • a reduction in backup storage and related costs.
  • a shortened backup window (e.g., down from 24 hours to 1 hour).
  • fast and easy VM recoveries and data restores, improving IT's user
    response time.

The introduction of data deduplication to AspenTech's environment
maximized its backup storage by reducing its data footprint.
"Deduplication has saved us from what used to cause a lot of headaches,"
said Richard Copithorne, principal systems administrator at AspenTech.
"When I look at our environment—just at our headquarters alone—we are
getting terrific deduplication, which saves us significant money on
disk, and we don't worry about running out of storage anytime soon."

Changing backup solutions has also had a significant impact on
AspenTech's nightly backup jobs. "We are able to back up our entire
environment at headquarters in four hours, and in some of our
international locations, the entire environment is backed up in an hour.
Using tape, a full backup of a VM would sometimes take 24 hours, but we
are now able to leverage ExaGrid and Veeam to back up the same amount of
data in an hour, and that includes deduplication," said Copithorne.

In addition to data reduction and improved backup windows, data
restoration became a quick and efficient process. According to
Copithorne, one of the more significant advantages of using ExaGrid with
Veeam is the ability to stand up a VM almost immediately with just a few
clicks, and doing an instant VM restore or creating a clone copy is
"amazingly easy." Single file restores from tape that previously took up
to an hour now take ten minutes, enabling IT to be more responsive to
user requests.

Like most other organizations still using tape libraries, AspenTech's IT
staff found the backup and restore/recovery process to be highly time
consuming, taking them away from other important IT initiatives. The
efficiency gains resulting from the system's performance and reliability
alleviates the need for Copithorne to be hands-on, and he has found that
to be a significant advantage.

"We find it incredibly easy to manage our backups across the globe from
a single pane of glass," said Copithorne, and he has found ExaGrid
customer support to be unique in its approach compared to the industry
standard. "Having worked with vendors such as HP and Dell EMC, I can
speak from experience – their support isn't nearly as streamlined as
ExaGrid's. When I need support, I typically receive a response within
half an hour, and with ExaGrid's automated alert system, my support
engineer gets in touch with me and usually knows what's going on before
I do!"

Read the complete AspenTech
customer success story
to learn more about the company's experience
using ExaGrid.

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