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Muving Ecosystem Shakes Up the Global Mobility Sharing Market and Announces Record Growth as it Breaks into U.S. Market


European Urban Mobility Leader Establishes U.S. Headquarters to Meet
Massive Market with Differentiated Approach in Electric Vehicle Sharing

Muving Ecosystem, the European leader in the electric vehicle sharing
market with two and three wheels via its Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS)
platform, today announced record growth in the first half of 2018 and
strong rider metrics following its debut in Atlanta, its first city
served in America. After only one year in market with Muving mopeds, the
company booked record growth in the first half of 2018 and is on track
to achieve over 200 percent revenue growth by 2019. Muving Ecosystem,
which is already splashing onto American soil, has reached more than
100,000 minutes booked per day and is attracting more than 3,500 new
customers per week.

Today, Muving Ecosystem is the leader in the European urban mobility
market with, a global fleet of over 2,500 electric mopeds, 15 patents,
and over 200,000 users. As the company has scaled and successfully
deployed solutions across geographies, Muving Ecosystem has now
established its North American headquarters in Atlanta to capitalize on
significant market demand in the U.S.

"Muving Ecosystem is aiming high – to transform mobility in cities
around the world," said Muving Ecosystem Co-founder and CEO Ivan
Contreras. "We bring together highly innovative solutions and a
fully-integrated, differentiated business model as we partner with
cities to solve critical mobility problems such as congestion and
environmental impact. We have been tremendously successful in Europe and
are executing our repeatable business model in the U.S. starting in
Atlanta, to tackle this enormous market opportunity that cannot be met
only with kick scooters."

Ivan and Rafael Contreras, serial entrepreneurs, co-founded and took
public Carbures (BME: CAR), a technology company for the aviation
industry. With deep expertise in mobility and advanced material design,
the cousins share a vision for intelligent and sustained mobility
globally that was born from their advanced studies at MIT. Now, they are
transforming urban mobility by co-founding Muving Ecosystem which
encompasses proprietary technology and assets from GasGas, Torrot,
SKULLY Technologies and Sensefields. Muving Ecosystem is addressing the
global need for efficient, intelligent, eco-friendly electric vehicles.

"The collaborative economy has exploded globally," said Muving Ecosystem
Co-founder Rafael Contreras. "We've carefully put the pieces in place
within our end-to-end platform made up of some of the most innovative
companies in the space to deliver an economically and environmentally
efficient solution for B2C and B2B companies."

"By vertically integrating the ecosystem, our highly differentiated
model eliminates the problems and inefficiencies that others in the
space struggle with," said Ivan Contreras. "We offer a safer, more
cost-effective solution to mobility – with a better user experience –
like through our electric mopeds and helmets designed for street riding.
We even solve charging problems that plague other providers with an
easily swappable battery solution. Muving Ecosystem is redefining the
urban transportation industry by creating an interconnected solution to
serve today's mobility needs, and we are excited to see that consumers
in Atlanta are spending 3x more time on our vehicles than they do in

Muving Ecosystem's end-to-end proprietary approach includes:

  • Unique Electric Vehicles: own-designed, fun electric mopeds designed
    for urban mobility whether for commuters, fleet management or
    last-mile transportation in 2-wheel and 3-wheel vehicles.
  • User Experience: simple but powerful, proprietary app-focused
  • Vehicle Services: predictive data to optimize efficiency of connected
  • Infotainment Services: integrated system that provides advanced
    navigation, entertainment, and comfort while riding and while away
    from the vehicle.
  • Connected Hardware: proprietary hardware and products available which
    enable connectivity networking in-vehicle.
  • Mobility Data Solutions: allow intelligent communication between
    infrastructure and vehicles.
  • Patent Protected Technology: used to detect, analyze, and monitor
    vehicle traffic in real-time.
  • Fleet data is gathered and communicated to management dashboards tuned
    for B2B partners such as insurance, car rentals, and shared vehicle

"With a strong pipeline and strategic growth plan for the unique U.S.
market, we are well positioned to capitalize on our depth of experience
and bring our vertically-integrated approach to 15 cities across the
nation by 2020," commented Contreras. "Our vision for an intelligent and
sustained mobile ecosystem spans the B2C market and B2B fleet
operations, while building a smart network for government regulators to
proactively manage CO2 emissions in their jurisdictions."

Muving Ecosystem Co-founder and CEO Ivan Contreras will host a
presentation at Mind
the Bridge's European Innovation Summit
in the San Francisco Bay
Area on September 11.

About Muving Ecosystem:

The Muving Ecosystem is transforming urban mobility with an end-to-end,
intelligent, proprietary electric vehicle sharing platform offering
eco-friendly and cost-effective alternatives to urban commuting,
including 2 wheeled mopeds to 3 wheeled vehicles. The mopeds are
dockless and fully electric, serving as a green and flexible mobility
option for urban areas. Muving Ecosystem is the leading
Mobility-as-a-Service platform in Europe, with services deployed in 15
countries and over 15 patents held. The Muving Ecosystem includes highly
innovative solutions from Torrot,
. The company recently established its U.S. headquarters
in Atlanta with additional markets planned in 2018 and beyond.

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