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Film That Director Jonathan Roberts Wins Top Prize at Global Impact Film Festival


Global Impact Film Festival announced that Director Jonathan Roberts was
awarded Top Prize for Best Student Narrative for his short film Recovery

The Global Impact Film Festival (GIDC), brought to you by DCBX, is a
dynamic socially-minded, independent film festival in Washington, D.C.
that focuses on cultivating global outreach, celebrating culture and
supporting non-profit organizations through their selection of socially
impactful films.

"It is a great honor to be selected," said Jonathan Roberts, Director
and screenwriter for Recovery One and Founder of Film
That, LLC
®. "It's an amazing and unique opportunity to meet
people from over 30 different countries to celebrate diverse cultures,
artistic visions and the power film can have in raising social
consciousness. We're very grateful to the Global Impact Film Festival
team for their tireless effort and dedication to this noble cause and
their support of independent filmmakers everywhere."

Emily Aguilar, director and founder of Global
Impact Film Festival
, said, "It's a great honor to work with
filmmakers like Jonathan Roberts, who make a positive global impact on
society with their short films. Through the Global Impact Film Festival,
we strive to help filmmakers progress in their careers and aim to bring
people of different cultures and backgrounds together in one place to
showcase their short documentary and narrative films that provoke and
inspire social change."

is a dark sci-fi thriller, exposing a dystopian world where
advances in robotics and artificial intelligence threaten humanity. The
film explores how even in our darkest moment, we have the choice to do
the right thing. This fast-paced drama ultimately questions what it
means to be human.

About the filmmaker:

is an award-winning Director, Screenwriter and film student
at New York University's Tisch School of The Arts. He's written,
directed, shot and produced over 20 short-length screenplays, including Recovery
One, Million by Midnight
and Stole My Heart. For more
information please contact Jonathan Roberts at,
or visit

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