Market Overview

Microsoft Office 365 Customers Using Insightly CRM Experience Significant Productivity Gains And Revenue Growth, Survey Shows

  • Microsoft Office 365 users achieve 20 percent revenue growth annually,
    positive ROI within six months and 25 percent increase in the quality
    of customer relationships
  • Healthcare innovator, NowPow, uses innovative e-prescription system to
    identify patients' needs and connect them to community resources
  • Insightly offers deepest Microsoft Outlook integration of any CRM on
    the market

the CRM for building lifelong customer relationships, today announced
the results of a customer survey which demonstrate that Microsoft Office
365 users achieve significant revenue, ROI, customer relationship and
user adoption results after implementing Insightly CRM. More than 200
Insightly customers using Microsoft Office 365 responded to the survey,
highlighting a number of key benefits.

Improved Customer Relationships

According to Forrester, "Effectively managing your company's
relationships with those who buy your company's products and services
has never been more important."1

Insightly's Office 365 users reported a 25 percent increase in the
number of meaningful relationships they could maintain with their
customers. Additionally, customers reported a 30 percent improvement to
their customer data quality - a key metric when trying to engage
customers with greater relevance.

Increased User Adoption, Productivity And Revenue Growth

CRM user adoption is critical. According to Forrester2,
"There's a very large graveyard of failed CRM projects. There's more CRM
initiatives that have spiraled out of control to become
multimillion-dollar investments that negatively affected large numbers
of customer-facing employees and didn't deliver any real results."

Insightly customers reported an 85 percent or greater adoption rate
among their users, a critically important step for growing businesses as
they move from spreadsheets or legacy CRM systems to Insightly. Driving
this adoption, users reported 30 percent less time spent on
administrative tasks, saving an hour and a half on average per week.
Customers using Office 365 reported on average 20 percent higher revenue
after adopting Insightly, while 75 percent reported a positive return on
investment within six months.

Healthcare Innovator Builds Company-wide Intelligence Hub Using

NowPow is a healthcare technology company that connects people to
high-quality community resources. Founded in 2015, the company's
innovative e-prescription system makes it easier for care professionals
to identify patient social needs, match them to community resources, and
make closed loop referrals.

With demand for NowPow's innovative platform on the rise, the company
needed a better way to track inquiries from hospitals, health centers,
and social service agencies. Shortly after forming their sales team, the
company realized it needed a CRM. NowPow uses custom Insightly reports
to monitor key business metrics, which are particularly useful for
analyzing the sales pipeline. Additionally, NowPow relies on Insightly's
Outlook integration to save copies of important email conversations.

"Insightly automatically tracks and tags our outgoing emails, which
keeps everyone in the loop and reduces overlapping conversations," said
Emma González Roberts, Director of Sales at NowPow. "Insightly helps us
stay on top of key sales metrics, such as opportunity volume,
engagement, and throughput. The application will continue to play an
important role in growing NowPow's revenue and recognition in the

Industry's Strongest Microsoft Outlook Integration

Insightly is the only CRM suite that provides integrated email
templates, scheduling and tracking for Microsoft Outlook users. Users
can view contact details and account history from Insightly CRM directly
in their inbox prior to contacting prospects or customers, and then
automatically link those emails to their contacts or opportunities for
future reference.

The Insightly Outlook toolbar lets users not only save emails, but also
pull Insightly email templates into their compose screen, schedule their
email outreach and track emails to see if, where and when a prospect
opens the note.

About Insightly

Insightly, the new breed of CRM, helps modern businesses of all sizes
build lifelong customer relationships and grow faster than ever before.
Insightly offers out of the box capabilities that allow you to tailor
users' experience for every customer facing role. It is easy to use,
easy to set up, highly customizable to your industry, and offers fast
time to value at a low total cost of ownership. Join more than 1.5M
Insightly users who are already building better customer relationships. Request
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1 Assess CRM Capabilities To Pinpoint Opportunities,
Forrester Research, January 2016

2 CRM Success Requires Focus On People, Not Only Technology,
Forrester Research, Inc. blogs, February 2016

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