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The World's Tallest, Fastest and Most Innovative New Rides Coming to Six Flags Parks in 2019


Record-Breaking Attractions and Industry's Foremost Rewards Program
Highlight 2019 Season

Flags Entertainment Company
(NYSE:SIX) — the world's largest
regional theme park company and the largest operator of waterparks in
North America — today announced a sweeping collection of world
record-breaking roller coasters and family attractions, along with
massive park upgrades and rebrands for the 2019 season. Additionally,
Six Flags Season Pass Holders and Members can look forward to even more
guest benefits and incredible new rewards next year.

This press release features multimedia. View the full release here:

Six Flags Announces Thrilling Lineup of Record-Breaking Rides and Attractions for the 2019 Season. ( ...

Six Flags Announces Thrilling Lineup of Record-Breaking Rides and Attractions for the 2019 Season. (Photo: Business Wire)

"Year after year, Six Flags raises the bar to deliver unparalleled,
world-class thrills for guests of all ages. Our 2019 lineup is by far
the most comprehensive package of innovative rides, record-breaking
attractions, and superior guest benefits in the industry," said Six
Flags Chairman, President and CEO Jim Reid-Anderson. "The addition of
five new parks greatly extends the company's national footprint and
gives our ever-growing Season Pass and Membership base more
opportunities to visit our parks to experience the world's biggest and
most thrilling rides."

The Company is launching an impressive list of new offerings for the
2019 season:

  • West Coast Racers, the world's first racing launch coaster —
    opening at Six
    Flags Magic Mountain
    , the Thrill Capital of the World. Designed in
    partnership with the world famous West Coast Customs, this
    one-of-a-kind racing coaster will feature two side-by-side tracks with
    four individual high-speed launches. The race covers two complete
    laps, multiple airtime hills, extreme high-banked turns and
    exhilarating over/under near misses. A highlight of the ride is an
    immersive real time "pit stop" exclusively designed and produced by
    West Coast Customs. West Coast Racers will be the park's 20th
    roller coaster, which is more than any other theme park on the planet.
  • Six
    Flags Great Adventure
    , the World's Ultimate Thrill Park, will
    premiere one of the world's tallest pendulum rides, Wonder Woman
    Lasso of Truth.
    Measuring in at a staggering 17 stories tall, this
    jaw-dropping, spinning disk will reach speeds up to 75 miles per hour
    as it spins and swings back and forth to breathtaking heights. The
    massive pendulum propels 40 riders in counterclockwise circles with
    feet dangling from floorless seats as they whirl through the air.
  • Six
    Flags Great America
    , the Thrill Capital of the Midwest, will debut
    a revolutionary, triple record-breaking, new roller coaster for the
    2019 season. Maxx Force will be the fastest launch coaster in
    North America, accelerating to 78 mph in less than two seconds. Maxx
    Force will feature the fastest inversion in the world with a Zero-G
    Roll more than 60 miles-per-hour and the highest double inversion of
    any roller coaster in the world at 175-feet above the ground. It will
    also feature one-of-a-kind custom coaster trains modeled after Formula
    1 racing cars.
  • Six
    Flags Discovery Kingdom
    , the Thrill Capital of Northern
    California, is adding to its thrill arsenal with the park's most
    innovative new coaster to date — Batman: The Ride themed
    after one of the world's most iconic DC Super Heroes. Riders on
    this 4D wing coaster will experience a sensory overload as they flip
    head-over-heels at least six times along a weightless, tumbling
    journey with unexpected drops and vertical free-falls.
  • Darien
    , a new Six Flags Theme Park, and the Coaster Capital of New
    York, will debut the tallest attraction in the entire state — the
    all-new Six Flags SkyScreamer. This giant, 242-foot tall swing
    ride will reign as the region's new, iconic symbol, beckoning guests
    from near and far. Six Flags SkyScreamer swings riders round
    and round at 35 miles per hour, offering breathtaking views of the
    countryside below. Additionally, Darien Lake will be rebranded Six
    Flags Darien Lake
    when it opens next spring.
  • Wet
    n' Wild Splashtown
    , the largest waterpark in Houston, and Wet
    ‘n Wild Phoenix
    , the largest waterpark in Arizona, will each be
    rebranded Six Flags Hurricane Harbor for the 2019 season. Both
    of these lush, beautiful properties offer thrilling, high-speed
    waterslides and massive pools, along with playful kid-sized
    attractions for families and young children.
  • Six
    Flags America
    , DC's Thrill Capital, will launch FIREBIRD,
    the only floorless roller coaster in Maryland. This all-new coaster
    experience will take thrill-seekers through incredible twists, drops
    and inversions, all while seated in new, state-of-the-art floorless
    trains. FIREBIRD's exhilarating flight path takes off with an
    intense, nine-story drop, and features two thrilling inversions,
    high-banked curves with high-speed carousel and corkscrew rolls and an
    incredible figure-eight finale.
  • Six
    Flags Fiesta Texas
    , the Thrill Capital of South Texas, will debut
    the tallest and fastest spinning pendulum ride in the world. Named
    after the world's most iconic Super Villain, The Joker Wild Card
    delivers a unique brand of chaotic, dizzying fun for extreme
    thrill-seekers. Towering a record-breaking 17-stories tall, this
    impressive giant disk will reach speeds up to 80 miles per hour as it
    whips back and forth, and higher and higher, to give riders a
    spectacular view of the world below them. The Joker Wild Card
    will become the centerpiece of a newly themed DC Universe area. The
    park is also announcing year-round operation, adding winter weekends
    and holidays to its regular operating season.
  • Six
    Flags Mexico
    , the Thrill Capital of Mexico and Latin America is
    announcing fun for the entire family with the arrival of DC SUPER
    and Bugs Bunny Boomtown. These colorful,
    imaginative new sections will feature 14 rides and attractions,
    including six brand-new themed attractions. These kid-friendly zones
    are destined to become the region's most popular family destination
    spot and the perfect launching pad for thrill-seekers-in-training.
  • Six
    Flags Hurricane Harbor Oaxtepec
    , Latin America's most thrilling
    waterpark, will introduce a visually stunning and intense racing
    slide, King Cobra. The slide's unique configuration enables two
    tubes to race through a circular path with dynamic twists, turns and
    surprises, snaking through both enclosed and open sections of the
    slide. Riders will race until the heart-pounding finish, when they
    appear to disappear inside the massive mouth of the cobra.
  • Six
    Flags Over Texas
    , the Thrill Capital of Texas, will welcome the
    world's largest loop coaster — Lone Star Revolution. Towering
    at 100 feet in the air, this exhilarating, record-breaking new coaster
    takes riders forward and backward on a gigantic loop before suspending
    them upside down for extended adrenaline-pumping hang-time.
    Thrill-seekers will travel in unique "face-off" seating positions and
    swing through a long series of 360-degree revolutions before reeling
    downward in the opposite direction. Lone Star Revolution is a
    Texas-sized loop coaster with Texas-sized thrills.
  • Six
    Flags New England
    , the Thrill Capital of New England, will debut
    the hi-tech Cyborg attraction, inspired by the DC Super
    Hero. The Cyborg attraction is an extreme new dark ride
    experience. Cyborg invites guests to S.T.A.R. Labs to witness a new
    technological device when the sentient cybernetic system called THE
    GRID hacks into the mainframe and takes control of the entire lab.
    Riders find themselves caught up in the battle, spinning and whirling
    mercilessly through the air, while Cyborg wrestles to regain control
    of the enormous machine. This exciting, new attraction offers 360
    degrees of immersive fun.
  • Six
    Flags Great Escape Resort
    , New York's most thrilling resort
    property, will rebrand its outdoor waterpark as Hurricane Harbor
    for the 2019 season, offering guests a bigger, better and wetter
    experience. The park will undergo a major expansion with more to see
    and do than ever before, including two brand-new, family attractions: Bucket
    , where riders will spin around in barrels for a good
    old-fashioned water gun battle, and Shipwreck Cove, a fun
    activity pool with interactive water sprays, geysers, and fountains
    for hours of water play entertainment.
  • Frontier
    , Oklahoma's favorite theme park, will introduce an exciting,
    interactive new kids' area that will be home to adorable new
    characters. The all-new Timber Town will feature four new,
    innovative attractions designed especially for the young
    thrill-seekers, plus enchanting new theming and fresh, re-imagined
    updates of the original children's rides. Lovable characters like
    Bucky the Beaver, Hootie the Owl and Bubba the Bear will be on hand
    for lots of pictures with young guests.
  • Six
    Flags Over Georgia
    , the Thrill Capital of the South, will launch
    an exciting, new high-flying attraction, Pandemonium, the
    tallest swinging pendulum ride in the Southeast. Swirling through the
    clouds at an astonishing 15 stories, this impressive giant disk will
    reach speeds up to 70 miles per hour, as it whips back and forth,
    higher and higher, giving guests an exhilarating ride experience as
    they soar high above the Atlanta city skyline. Pandemonium will
    be the centerpiece of the park's new ScreamPunk themed area, featuring
    revamped food locations and shopping experiences. ScreamPunk is a
    special Six Flags twist on the popular Steampunk subgenre.
  • La
    , Quebec's leading destination for thrills and family
    entertainment, will introduce Chaos, a new giant loop roller
    coaster. Chaos offers a pure adrenaline rush as
    riders go forward, backward and upside down for unprecedented
    hang-time. This exhilarating, seven-story loop sends riders through a
    series of multiple, adrenaline-charged revolutions, higher and higher
    before changing directions for even more chaotic thrills.
  • Six
    Flags St. Louis
    , The Coaster Capital of Missouri, will take guests
    on an adrenaline-charged flight on the new SUPERGIRL attraction
    as they soar nearly seven stories high in open-air vehicles.
    Drawing on DC Super Hero Supergirl's powers of stamina and strength,
    thrill- seekers spin and tilt while suspended from the massive,
    whirling wheel. The ride is raised into the air by a giant arm as
    riders launch into a high-speed spin, with feet dangling as they spin
    round and round…higher and higher.
  • This fall, Six Flags delivers the biggest Halloween event on the
    planet — Fright Fest®. Prepare for Thrills
    by Day, Fright by Night
    with more ghouls, more haunted mazes and
    more terrifying scares than ever before. Taking the fear factor to a
    new level, this year Six Flags and CBS Films are launching
    custom-built haunted attractions based on the new horror movie
    release, Hell Fest, coming to theaters on Friday, September 28,
    2018. The company's industry leading entertainment teams at Six Flags
    Magic Mountain in Valencia, CA, Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson,
    NJ, and Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, IL, will transform haunted
    mazes into real life replicas of the movie's most unnerving, goriest
    and shockingly epic scenes.
  • Just in time for the holiday season, Six Flags Great America and
    Frontier City will join eleven other Six Flags properties ringing in
    the holidays with Holiday in the Park®. This
    popular, time-honored Six Flags tradition offers a winter wonderland
    of all the beloved sights and sounds of the season. Holiday in the
    features festive holiday-themed shows and delicious seasonal
    treats, along with select rides and attractions, set against the
    backdrop of millions of twinkling lights.

Six Flags is also announcing the start of 2019 Season Pass sales with
its special Flash Sale through Labor Day weekend featuring the best deal
of the year — savings up to 70% off on a 2019 Pass.

August 30 through September 3, guests will receive a free upgrade to a
Gold Combo Season Pass with every Pass purchased. Gold Combo Season
Passes include admission to any Six Flags theme park, as well as free
parking and special admission offers for friends.

During the Flash Sale, guests can also join the Six Flags Membership
program for 50% or more off the full season Membership price and receive
three free bonus months. A Six Flags Membership includes all of the
benefits of Season Pass plus over 50 additional benefits such as
unlimited soft drinks, preferred parking, walk-on passes for rides, and
exclusive waterpark seating. Members can also participate in Six Flags
Membership Rewards, an extensive new loyalty program that allows guests
to earn valuable prizes just for riding rides, seeing shows, and having
a great time at the parks.

About Six Flags Entertainment Corporation

Six Flags Entertainment Corporation is the world's largest regional
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America, with $1.4 billion in revenue and 25 parks across the United
States, Mexico and Canada. For 57 years, Six Flags has entertained
millions of families with world-class coasters, themed rides, thrilling
water parks and unique attractions. For more information, visit

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