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Global Prepaid Card Market Report 2018: Payment Trends, Market Dynamics, and Forecasts to 2023 -


The "Prepaid
Card Market: Payment Trends, Market Dynamics, and Forecasts 2018 - 2023"

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This report evaluates the major driving factors for prepaid card
ownership and usage. The report evaluates usage market segment including
demographic profile, card type, and industry vs. government programs.
The report assesses retail challenges relative to shopping and related
card usage. The report also analyzes the payments ecosystem including
issues related to mobile payments in contrast to physical card usage.
The report also provides forecasts for 2018 to 2023 covering all major
areas including corporate usage, retail, and government.

Despite the dominant trend towards mobile and contactless payments, the
prepaid card market remains vibrant and dynamic. In certain parts of the
world, physical cards remain the preferred mechanism for payments along
with cash. In the United States, prepaid cards remain the preferred
choice for the unbanked market segment as well as the market for under
the table transactions. However, the US government is increasingly
clamping down on illegal activities with broad measures of investigation
and enforcement. Some market segments prefer to use physical cards in
certain situations. Surprisingly, the millennial generation has a high
affinity towards certain cards, especially designer offerings as they
appeal to their sense of style.

There is a robust market for both closed loop and open loop prepaid
cards. In the case of the former, major merchants leverage prepaid cards
as a means of furthering brand identity and driving additional sales
such as the gifting market. In addition, the unbanked market often turns
to cards as a means of conducting non-cash, debit transactions. Closed
loop cards are getting increasingly creative in terms of how they
position themselves within the overall payments ecosystem. This is an
interesting dynamic as the same companies are also pushing hard for next
generation mobile payments and wireless wallet infrastructure.

The move towards a cashless society is substantial, further driving the
prepaid card market. However, we see a transition from physical cards
(credit and debit) towards completely virtual. This will not happen
without continual improvements in identity management, privacy, and
security measures. This will disenfranchise many consumers globally that
are unbanked, underbanked, credit challenged, and/or working under the
table. Our related research into Next Generation Payments (via
smartphones, wearables, and implantable technology) indicates that a
universal wallet will be an absolute requirement. We see this reinforced
by the need for a graceful transformation of the prepaid card market.

Key Topics Covered:

1 Banking Impacts Payment Flexibility

2 Payments Ecosystem Challenges

3 Payments for the Unbanked Segment

4 Retail Challenges Impacting Commerce and Payments

5 Online Shopping Challenges and Opportunities

6 Merchant Strategies

7 Convert Shoppers into Buyers

8 Data Solutions to Support the Strategies

9 Strategies for Checkout and Point of Payment

10 Prepaid Cards Market Forecasts 2018 - 2023

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