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The Conversation Launches a New Podcast Series - Explores Events from 1968 That Reverberate Today


The Conversation US has launched its new podcast series, Heat and Light.
The series targets 1968, a year of massive social change in America.
Fifty years later, this show goes behind the scenes of six pivotal but
underreported events from that year and reveals how they reverberate

Each episode features an expert scholar who tells each backstory
interviewed by the show host, Senior Investigative Reporter for Boston
public NPR station WGBH and award-winning journalist Phillip Martin.

Go to our website:
to access the trailer, photos and more about Heat and Light: Stories
from 1968, the year that changed America

"We are proud to bring listeners a show that marries historical
narrative with personal stories from subject matter experts who have
devoted their lives to studying some of the most consequential moments
in the 20th century," said Maria Balinska, Editor and Co-CEO of The

The Heat and Light series includes the following episodes:

  • The student occupation of Columbia University with Stefan
    of Loyola Marymount University and Michael
    of Georgetown University, who himself participated in the
    student uprisings of 1968.
  • How concerns about the women's movement created a perception of the
    decline of the American family that shaped modern conservatism, with Natasha
    of Southern Illinois University.
  • The first interracial kiss on American television – between two crew
    members of the starship Enterprise with Matt
    of Arizona State University.
  • The historical significance of race and class in the Detroit Algiers
    Motel incident and ensuing Kerner Commission Report with Jeffrey
    of Wayne State University.
  • The demo that unveiled to the world fundamental elements of modern
    personal computing, with Margaret
    of the University of Washington.
  • The decline of the evangelical left and the rise of the religious
    right, with Jill
    of Boise State University.

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